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Welcome Back!

I hope your spring break was FANTASTIC!  We will be easing into the week with a schedule that allows everyone to remember the routines and turn their learning brains back on!

Fifth graders will have a chance to pick out instruments for band/orchestra (more preparation for middle school).

We will also have a JET’S PIZZA NIGHT on Tuesday.  If your child’s class has not won a pizza night yet, this is the week to have pizza for dinner.

Have a great week!

Mrs. Reagan

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A very busy week ahead!

It’s our 10th week of school and to celebrate we have packed our schedule with important and excited events.  This week is all about the two things we value most at our school:  CHILDREN AND PARENTS.

Our incredible Parent Teacher Club will be sponsoring an ALL SCHOOL ASSEMBLY on Monday (Jerry Jacoby’s Character and Integrity Traits) and the Scholastic BOOK FAIR (Monday-Friday in the Early El Sensory Motor Room).  In addition, the PT Club is also sponsoring a dinner for teachers on Monday from 4-5pm to kick off Parent Teacher Conferences.  Thank you, PARENTS for doing this for us!  It is such a treat to know that one night this week we do not have to worry about dinner plans.

We wrap up the busy week with COMFY COZY DAY on Friday.  It’s a day to learn in slippers, sweatshirts and sweatpants…anything comfy and cozy!

We are looking forward to meeting with parents this week to share the amazing progress your children have made as learners during the first 48 days of school.  During PT Conferences, you will hear me call the end times for each conference over the school speaker system.  This is done to help teachers and parents stay on time in a BE NICE way.  We want to make the 15 minutes focused and meaningful…and also honor your time by staying on TIME.

Here’s to a great week!

Mrs. Reagan


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Thanksgiving Week Ahead

We have a very short week with school on Monday and Tuesday.  The remainder of the week is devoted to the Thanksgiving holiday.

Week nov 23

For those who follow our blog outside the United States, visit this excellent post about the history of Thanksgiving. And, for those of you who have not had a refresher course on this holiday,  you might find yourself learning some new facts to share around the Thanksgiving table later this week.  For those who think they know everything, test your turkey knowledge with this quiz.

If you find your family members are bored and in need of something to do, show them our blogs.  I added a new feature (the revolving globe to the right) that shows your location on the map as well as visitors from around the world.

And, to really spice up the family gathering, take your family on the BLOG SCAVENGER HUNT. This month we are sharing silly stories about silly things we have done in our lives.   Everyone is a winner in this contest.  Students will be entered in the Reading Counts drawing just for participating.  Other prizes will be offered too.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family and friends.  Drive safely, eat well and savor the special moments.

Mrs. Reagan