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Weekly Events, 3/9/09

This past weekend felt wonderful…sunshine and 60 degrees (F) on Friday and rain to wash away the snow on Saturday and Sunday.  I hope you had a wonderful “winter” break.  Counting down to the Spring Equinox on March 20.

This upcoming week, we have a busy instructional schedule!  The 3rd and 5th grade students will be taking standardized tests (Iowa and CoGat).  Our fourth and fifth grade have field trips.  Check the list below for dates this week.  Check the school calendar to the right for upcoming dates.

Mrs. Reagan

  • Mon 3/9 Day 1:  Iowa/Cogat Testing Begins:  Grades 3 & 5  (All week)
  • Tues 3/10  Day 2:  Lansing Trip:  4th Grade;  Symphony Trip:  5th Grade; Music Therapy:  ECSE, CI
  • Wed 3/11:  Day 3
  • Thurs 3/12:  Day 1
  • Fri  3/13:  Day 2:  TTH K;  Reading Counts Party;  Mother/Son Event:  Lost City
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