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Bustin’ Thru Books Update

We completed our first week of Bustin’ Thru Books Boot Camp. This reading camp is run with the help of a volunteer corp of dads who READ while kids in grades 1-5 READ! The goal of the camp is to provide time to READ with a focus on building stamina and endurance for reading.

We think of learning to read as a skill that can be compared to training for an athletic event. All athletes work with coaches who model the skill (teachers), perfect skills in sport clinics (reading groups) and have required time to practice on a daily basis (quiet, independent read time.) The more time you take to practice as an athlete, the better your performance. The same is true with reading. Our goal is to help every child attain 90 minutes of reading at their level each day. The parents who are volunteering to come in daily are allowing us to build in extra critical minutes for readers to just READ.

If you would like to volunteer, we would love to include you in the program. The only requirement is that you bring material to read! If you are interested, complete this survey and Jeff Wressell will contact you with time/date options.

bean bagWE ARE IN NEED OF VINYL BEAN BAGS for our reading time. If you would like to contribute $1 or any amount of money toward these, we would be so grateful.  When boot camp is completed this spring, the bean bags will be used in classrooms.   Thank you for any help you can provide!

Enjoy this video collection of photos from our first week of bustin’ thru our books!

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