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Raey Guang Preparations


On Thursday of this week we will meet our friends from Raey Guang Elementary, our sister school in Pingtung, Taiwan.    A group of 29 students (grades 3-6), four teachers and the principal are traveling from Taiwan to Hudsonville to meet us and learn about the American educational system.  The group has arrived in Los Angeles and visited Disney Land over the weekend.  I received these great photos today from Miss Helen Tai, the teacher who has been my pen pal this year.


They will be flying into Detroit on Tuesday and traveling to Mackinaw to see the bridge and the island before arriving in Hudsonville later this week.

When they arrive on Thursday, June 3, the students will be matched with their pen pals–Georgetown students who have been communicating via email for four months.  They will go to classes together, share projects, eat lunch, enjoy recess and much more.  At 2:30 pm, we will come together as an entire school to welcome them and exchange gifts.

The Raey Guang students will spend Thursday afternoon and evening with host families from our school.  On Friday, the pen pals (Georgetown and Raey Guang) will visit the Meijer Gardens together.

We are very excited for their arrival.  To view photos of all the pen pals visit this slide show:

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