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Stuffed Animals for DeVos Children’s Hospital

Spencer stuffed animals

The HHS National Honor Society is sponsoring a stuffed animal drive in honor of their bravest and most inspiring hero, SPENCER MEYER!   Spencer is a pre-kindergarten student in our building who is battling cancer.  His parents are the Jason and Jodi Meyer–both teachers at Hudsonville High School.

The NEW stuffed animal drive will be going on throughout the month of January.  Please shop the holiday sales, find a stuffed animal that needs to be hugged and loved by a child patient at DeVos Children’s Hospital, deliver the new stuffed animal to the front lobby of Georgetown, and deposit it in the box by the front office.

Thank you for your support of the HHS National Honor Society, DeVos Children’s Hospital, the 100’s of recovering children who need these stuffed animals and SPENCER MEYER…our Georgetown hero!

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