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Georgetown Goes to the High School


On Friday, our first and second graders were invited to a very special show put on by Mrs. Doerr’s English classes.

The performances involved selecting songs to perform and lip sync for elementary age students.  We watched high school students perform songs from GLEE, the FRESH PRINCE OF BEL AIRE THEME SONG, and much more.  The final song involved volunteer dancers from the audience!  Mr. Jurewicz, one of our first grade teachers captured a portion of this on his camera.  It is obvious how much fun the children are having during this song!

The children’s comments to me during and following the performance are the best evidence of the fun they had.  Here is a sampling:

Two girls and a boy after the final song said:   “That was the bestest ever thing we have done so far this year.”

Another review I loved:  “How did they know we love candy and beach balls?  Did they ask you about us, Mrs. Reagan?  It is so cool they did things we like.”

And:   “Oh I love GLEE.  How did they know about GLEE?  Do you think any of them are on GLEE?  It was the most fun of my life.”  (Said by a 6 year old.)

I sat beside three first grade boys during the THRILLER PERFORMANCE.  Their first comment to one another:  “Aren’t you glad it’s not a gleer song?”

While watching Michael walk down the aisle with a girl, “I hope they don’t kiss.”

And, then:  “Mrs. Reagan, that guy has bare feet.  I love that they can wear bare feet in this school.  I hope he has shoes for the bus, though.”

At the end the high school students introduced themselves and shared their favorite class. On the way back to school, a second grader asked: “Hey Mrs. Reagan, what’s drama?”

Me:  “It’s a class that involves writing stories and then performing them.”

Second Grader:  Pause/think time.  “Good.  I think I can do that.  We write stories every day.  Do you think my teacher will teach drama during our writing time for us?”

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Stuffed Animals for DeVos Children’s Hospital

Spencer stuffed animals

The HHS National Honor Society is sponsoring a stuffed animal drive in honor of their bravest and most inspiring hero, SPENCER MEYER!   Spencer is a pre-kindergarten student in our building who is battling cancer.  His parents are the Jason and Jodi Meyer–both teachers at Hudsonville High School.

The NEW stuffed animal drive will be going on throughout the month of January.  Please shop the holiday sales, find a stuffed animal that needs to be hugged and loved by a child patient at DeVos Children’s Hospital, deliver the new stuffed animal to the front lobby of Georgetown, and deposit it in the box by the front office.

Thank you for your support of the HHS National Honor Society, DeVos Children’s Hospital, the 100’s of recovering children who need these stuffed animals and SPENCER MEYER…our Georgetown hero!