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Baby Animals Born This Week!

This week has been busy for a two mothers–one in Ohio and one in Iowa.

giraffesTessa, a momma giraffe at the Cincinnati Zoo gave birth to a baby girl giraffe on April 2.   Videos of the baby’s first steps and feeding can be found on the ZOO’s youtube. (Be prepared:  The video starts with the birth of the baby giraffe.  You may want to preview this before you share this with your child.)

The zoo also has a Facebook Page and a Twitter Feed.  The photos of the momma, daddy and baby are adorable … and the videos unbelievable to watch.  The  zoo is having a contest to name the baby girl and you can cast your vote on the zoo’s site. This baby girl is a very social media savvy giraffe!

The other babies to check out are high above the ground at the Decorah Fish Hatchery in Iowa.  The momEagle and dad eagle are currently caring for two eaglets with the third to hatch any day.  The nest is 5-6 feet wide and 80 feet high.

This pair of eagles has raised 8 eagles from this nest in the past four years.  The webcam provides a rare opportunity for viewers to watch feedings and care of the babies by the parents.

Stream videos at Ustream

And….to top it off, a great new 3-D I-MAX film called BORN TO BE WILD features two organizations that rescue and raise baby elephants and orangutans.  The movie opens in Grand Rapids on April 8 and is on my must see list.  I found out about this via NPR’s Diane Rheam Show.  The producer of the movie explained the movie was produced for all ages —especially children ages 4+.

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