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Georgetown Millionaires 2013


The 24 students in the photo above are now officially MILLION WORD CLUB MEMBERS.  Each received a BARNES and NOBLE gift card.  We want to keep fueling their desire to consume words!  The names of each millionaire is also listed below.  CONGRATULATIONS!!!

  • 1,000,000 Words

Hannah Applebee, Carson Bretz, Peter Estefan, Victoria Eggers, Jordan Gradowski, Megan Martinez, Nathan Conkel, Annabel Owen (Missing in photo), Matthew Jonkman, Hannah Eggers, Gerrit Klyn, Patrick Estefan, Joe Huyser, Kyle Holt (missing in photo), Isabella Vreux, Skylar Hill, Elise Gort, Elaina Fuzi, Samantha Missad, Hope TerHaar (missing in photo).

  • 2,000,000 Words

Seth Banninga and Christian VandeGutchte

  • 3,000,000 Words

Aiden Klein and Chloe Patrick


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