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Week 28: March 16-20, 2020

Dear Georgetown Families,

This weekend, I have started and re-started my weekly update to you … and my weekly update that I send to the staff … more times than I can count.

The Boy, The Mole, The Fox and The Horse by Charlie Mackesy

My husband has a compromised immune system (chronic lymphoma) which means we have elected to impose a quarantine to do all we can to limit his exposure to COVID19.  If I need to go out, I leave early and when I return, I shower and change my clothes.  I know that some people might think this is extreme…but I love this man to the moon and back so I’ll do all I can to protect him.  The State of Emergency is very personal for me.  I worry about what I could expose him too — and what it will do to him.  I worry the same way about several of our parents with cancer and one brave and incredibly funny fourth grade boy (Kai) and an exceptionally tough and bright former fifth grade girl (Alexa).   And my list goes on and on and on. I am 100% committed to ‘flattening the curve.’ 

The hardest part of this update for me is being brave enough to share how difficult this time is for me, personally and professionally.  I am worried about those that I love at home and at school.  How do I stay connected with the children and staff I adore — via the blog?  How does this work?  And… the answer is, I don’t know yet.  The answer also is… I will calmly figure it out.  I do know that it all comes down to how I respond and react to this new normal.

For those of you wondering how to talk to your kids about COVID-19, this is an excellent article.  As much as possible, limit access to the news — even if it’s the sports channel.  COVID-19 updates are everywhere and one of the reasons I miss having the kids at school is that they are removed from news and social media for seven hours everyday.

Some of you have reached out with concerns about how much learning to do each day and how — and concerns about your limited access to tech devices.  My advice right now: LET GO.  Start by turning off the media and creating a routine…even the most basic.   Kahn Academy has a great sample of what it can look like.   Also, Mrs. Tindall posted a great one that she found on her blog.   Every single child craves a routine.  Design one that works for you and your child.

More to come from me…and the team.  Right now just know I miss you and your kids and our usual routine.

Mrs. Reagan

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