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Snow Day Kuieck Style!

Brycen, Zack and Masen show us how to have some snow day fun!  Check out the photos that show their best cold snow face expressions.  Their mom is Mrs. Kuieck is a talented teacher, marvelous mom and 365 Project fabulous photographer.

Browse the posts below for photos of other Georgetown families celebrating the 18+ inches of snow that arrived last night.

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365 Project: A Year of Photos

One of my goals this year is to learn how to take better photos.  I have signed on to a project called the 365 Project.  There are many projects out there with the goal of taking one picture each day–but these involve more expertise in photography or deeper reflection about each photo.365 project

In order for me to accomplish this project with all my other interests, I need to be able to point, click, upload and post.  Along the way, I have been picking up tips about my camera–some I remember and some I don’t!  Amanda Troyer, a parent in our building, is also participating in this project.  On February 18, Amanda will also be hosing a “HOW TO TAKE BETTER PHOTOS” for anyone interested.  This will be held from 7-8:30 pm in the Georgetown Media Center.  If you are interested, register by completing this form:  PHOTO RSVP

You can watch my album grow by checking the slide show on the bottom left side of this blog.  And…with my camera in hand at nearly all times, you never know when I might snap a picture of you!