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An Artist Among Us!

Did you know that one of our Georgetown parents has a piece in Art Prize?Day 1 Stone Marshall, father of Cole and Jacki, work can be found at the Ottawa Avenue location and it is called DAY 1.

On Sunday, I highlighted some of the art work that I saw with my family.  I asked people to share their adventures with Art Prize and this is how I found out about Mr. Marshall’s art piece.  Thank you, Mrs. Britnall for the comment.

Mr. Marshall’s art work is in progress….with a piece of the puzzle being added throughout the exhibit.  What do you think is taking shape?  I plan to visit his piece this weekend to see the entire puzzle completed…and the shape of DAY 1 revealed.   And, congratulations, Mr. Marshall for this incredible honor of having your work displayed.

If you do visit Art Prize, please share your impressions through a comment on the blog.

Mrs. Reagan