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District Calendar: 2012-13

The start of the 2012-13 school year is 8 weeks from today!  To mark this important count down event, I am sharing the 2012-13 district calendar with you.

This calendar will provide the start/end days of the year, vacation days as well as other days off due to teacher trainings.

By clicking the link, the calendar will become a document that you can print or store on your desktop to reference. This can also be found under the tab above: Dates/Forms

12-13 HPS Student Calendar

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Building Plan for Hudsonville

future schoolFrom Mr. Nicholas Ceglarek, Superintendent

Last night, the Board of Education unanimously approved a recommendation on a future facility plan.  The plan calls for one Hudsonville High School with two buildings on the current 32nd Street campus (please see attached press release) .  The project includes:

*new 9 + building (new pool/auditorium) on 32nd/Allen Street
*new South Elementary School (Greenly Street)
*Converting Freshman Campus to Early Childhood Center
*Riley and Baldwin athletic site upgrades
*new transportation facility
*technology upgrades in all school buildings

The next step in the process is convincing Michigan Department of Treasury to support our plan.  If this happens (January), we will be placing the issue on the May 3rd ballot allowing the voters to decide.

We would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to all that have contributed to the process; staff, parents, business and community leaders, and students who provided input and guidance in the process that helped shape the recommendation.  Thank you to the Board of Education for having the vision to set the parameters, and the courage to move our district forward in this very important facility decision.

To read an article detailing the board meting, visit:  Grand Rapids Press Article

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Meet Our Superintendent

On March 16, our superintendent Nick Ceglarek will be presenting to our PTC.   Mr. Ceglarek will be sharing the current Ceglarekgoals for our district, including dealing with the challenges in state funding and planning for the upcoming building projects that are designed to accommodate our increasing enrollment.

This would be an excellent meeting to attend, providing you with first hand information about the district initiatives.  The meeting will be held in the media center at 7 pm.