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Summer With Georgia the Gecko?

Can I stay with YOU this summer?

Are you interested in having Georgia the Gecko stay with you over the summer?  If so, complete this survey.  I will pick one winning babysitting family on June 4.

Wonder what goes into babysitting Georgia?  It’s simple:

1.  Change water dish daily.

2.  Turn her heat lamp on in the morning and off at night.

3.  Purchase 20 medium crickets each week from V I Pets ($2.00).

4.  Scoop litter out 1-2 times a month.

5.  If you leave for a weekend or week’s vacation, find a trusted friend to babysit for you.

No night feeding, long stoller walks, diaper changing or potty training required!

Mrs. Reagan


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Can you find Georgia Lea?

Welcome to Georgetown, Georgia Lea!

Hiding somewhere in our school is a special pet for our school.  She is 10 year’s old and her owner, Rob Shryock, is now a college student at Reed College in Oregon.  He has cared for her since she was a baby…and now we are trusted with her care.

Rob gave her the name of Lea (Lee – a) and I added Georgia to help her feel at home at Georgetown.

What kind of an animal is Georgia Lea?

What does she eat?

Where is she living at Georgetown?

  • Hmmmm… will have to see if you can find her!

When you do find her, please make sure you stay calm and keep your hands to yourself—not on her home.  

Would you like a giant to come and stand over your house and pound on the windows?  This is what Georgia Lea feels like if we tap on the glass.  Please respect her habitat.

We will have special updates about Georgia Lea on our blog.  If you are interested in researching leopard geckos, observing and photographing Georgia Lea and using this information to write a blog post, please let me know.  I would love to feature guest gecko bloggers on our school blog.