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Savor the August Sunshine


Did you know that this past Sunday was the last day this year that the sun will set after 9 pm?  As we move through the month of August, we will lose 2-3 minutes of daylight each day with the sun setting sooner and rising later.  By the time school begins, sunrise will be at 7:09 am with sunset at 8:14 pm.

Your Georgetown teachers are already preparing for the school year with lesson preparations and room re-organization.  Mr. Rob, our incredible custodian, and his team are also busy cleaning, painting and pruning.  By the time the first day arrives, we will be ready for everyone to return so that we can begin another year of learning together.  We will be holding open houses in late August to welcome every back and to kick off the 2013-14 school year.  This is a time to tour the building, meet the teacher and collect paperwork to complete for the new year.  There are NO formal meeting during our open houses.  The open houses are as follows:

  • Kindergarten:  August 27  – 6:30-7:30 pm
  • Grades 1-5:  August 28 – 6:30-7:30 pm

The first day of school is Tuesday, September 3.  School hours are 8:50-3:40pm.  Our first morning bell ( a signal for children to line up) is at 8:45.  The doors open at 8:50.

During the summer, we have had some changes in our teaching staff.  Mrs. Katie O’Rourke, first grade, moved to Rockford Public Schools.  This allows her to be close to her new baby girl, Lucy.  We will miss her very much but we are also glad that she is teaching closer to home.  Mrs. Malyn VanKoevering, a first grade teacher who taught for Mrs. Stadt’s leave, has assumed the position left by Mrs. O’Rourke.  We are thrilled to have Mrs. VanKoevering back on staff and in room 301~!

Mr. Jurewicz moved to South Elementary over the summer.  This move allowed Mrs. Allison Ray (formerly Taber) to move to second grade. She will be a fantastic addition to the second grade team — and she will be in Room 202.  We are welcoming Mrs. Amy Smith to first grade who will be in room 102.  Mrs. Smith taught for Marshall Public Schools and most recently Jamestown Elementary.

Please take time to sign up for email updates on your children’s blogs and the school blog.  You will receive an email update each time we post.  It is the best way for you to stay current on events.

I wish you all the best of the remaining days of summer.  As the days pass, I will be updating the blog with details about the new year.

Warmly, Mrs. Reagan

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Super Moon Kicks Off Summer

Our longest day of the year and first day of summer occurred on June 21 — the summer solstice.  It was a beautiful day and for me, seemed like the perfect first day.

supermoonWhile working in the garden on this first summer day, I recalled that Zachary (a wise kindergartener) had shared his understanding of the lunar calendar with me.  It was during this lunch conversation that Zachary explained the current moon phase and told me that that the next full moon would fall on June 23.  Needless to say, I was very impressed with his lunar calendar knowledge.

Not only is this weekend a full moon, it is also called a SUPER MOON.  AccuWeather’s Mark Paqueete describes it this way:  “The word supermoon was coined in 1979 by astrologer Richard Nolle.  He used the term to describe a new or full moon that occurs when the moon is at or near its closest approach to Earth. The moon will pass within about 221,000 miles from the Earth on Saturday night, compared with its “typical” distance of about 238,000 miles.

And if the clear skies at night hold, a sighting of the moon this evening will be stunning and memorable.   I hope you get a chance to enjoy it — and when you do, think about Zachary who I will rely on for lunar calendar updates for his remaining years at Georgetown!

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It’s a Wrap!

Mrs. Bast caught cleaning the floor.
Mrs. Bast demonstrating her mopping skills!

Throughout the building, lockers are being emptied…desks cleaned…and backpacks filled.  Students teachers, parapros, secretaries, custodians and even the principal are wrapping up the year with mixed emotions.

The end of the year is bittersweet.  We are excited for summer yet sad to end another year filled with memories with of new friends and old, saying goodbye — some for a few weeks and others longer.

If you have learned anything about our Chief Custodian, Mr. Rob, the standards for cleanliness and order at Georgetown are exceptionally high.  We do our best to help him prepare for intensive summer cleaning.  Children have been seen scrubbing gooey stick residue from surfaces on locker doors and table tops.

Mrs. Bast, our reading teacher, was spotted scrubbing the hallway floor.  One teacher took helping Mr. Rob close out the year by wrapping up his year ZAMBONI STYLE!

Zamboni Style
It’s a wrap…zamboni style!

As you prepare for summer, we want to thank you for all you have done to make this year fantastic for your children and us!  We can’t believe the year has passed by so quickly.   While you ease into summer, know that the staff at Georgetown are like busy elves.  On the surface the building is dark and quiet, but behind the scenes we are working hard to get ready for the new year.

Wishing you all the best in June, July and August.  See you soon in the late summer to start off Georgetown’s eighth year.


Mrs. Reagan



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Our Final Week of School

It seems like I just finished composing the kick off update fro the 2012-13 school year.  The year has been jam packed with Parent Club Activities, memories of friendships formed and sustained and adventures in learning together.

Georgetown is a building of 50 + staff members who work collectively to create a calm, caring, safe and interesting learning community.  It has been a rich year and we are so very thankful to work with your children daily as teachers and mentors and caregivers.

Please take some time to look at a few of the photos I have taken throughout the year.  I am sure most teachers will also be highlighting the year with photo slideshows on class blogs as well.

We have four full days of school this week.  School is a full day on Thursday with dismissal at the normal time.  The entire staff will be wish the students happy summer with our traditional bus loop waving and cheering.

I will post an update next week with details about class lists for the 2013-14 school year…and of course, I will be updating the blog throughout the summer.

Here’s to a great last week!

Mrs. Reagan



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Summer With Georgia the Gecko?

Can I stay with YOU this summer?

Are you interested in having Georgia the Gecko stay with you over the summer?  If so, complete this survey.  I will pick one winning babysitting family on June 4.

Wonder what goes into babysitting Georgia?  It’s simple:

1.  Change water dish daily.

2.  Turn her heat lamp on in the morning and off at night.

3.  Purchase 20 medium crickets each week from V I Pets ($2.00).

4.  Scoop litter out 1-2 times a month.

5.  If you leave for a weekend or week’s vacation, find a trusted friend to babysit for you.

No night feeding, long stoller walks, diaper changing or potty training required!

Mrs. Reagan


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Who needs an appendix anyway?

Dear Mrs. Reagan,
It’s me, Ingrid!   This summer my sister Eva and I stayed at my grandparents on Portage Lake in Onekama. We learned to sail, waterski, play tennis and so much more.  We also went to Sleeping Bear Dunes.
But the most important thing to know is that yesterday I got my appendix out. Two days ago, we went to an auction  and my side was hurting.   Then I woke up the next morning and my side was really hurting. Grandma and Grandpa took me to the hospital because Grandma said I wasn’t being myself.
The doctor put an IV in my arm. She took some blood and then put some medicine through the tubes and into my arm. Then the doctor made me drink two huge cups of this gross stuff that you have to drink an hour before a CATscan. An hour later I went to a CATscan. We went back to our room.
We got up to go to the bathroom and then I felt like I was going to puke. So I puked up the stuff they gave me for the CATscan. I felt a lot better after I puked. Finally the doctor told me that I needed to get my appendix out.
A little while later the parametics came and put me on a gernie. The parametics pushed the gernie to the ambulance. It took almost an hour to get to a different hospital in Traverse city.
Finally they put me in a room and they gave me some gas that made me laugh and took out my appendix.  The best news is:  I’m going home tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dear Ingrid and Eva,
It looks like you had the BEST SUMMER EVER with your grandparents!  On top of all those fun lessons, you even squeezed in an ambulance ride.  WOW!  You summer is full of small moments to share and write about.
I can’t wait to see you both when you get back.  Ingrid—I am so glad you are feeling better.  Thank you for sending me this story with pictures to put on the blog.  Rest up and enjoy being home without your appendix!
Mrs. Reagan
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Take Me Out to the Ball Game!

Dear Mrs. Reagan,

This summer I have read a lot of books.

I also went to Michigan’s Adventure. I rode Shivering Timbers and it felt like I was flying going down the hill.  I also rode Mad Mouse.

We went to Mackinac Island and went on a horse carriage tour ride. The fudge was excellent.

I went to a Tigers game for the first time. It was awesome!




Dear Chloe,

Thank you for writing me this email!  It sounds like you have had a great summer…and the pictures reflect this, too.

It looks like Ethan had as much fun as you had at the Tiger’s game.  

I am excited for everyone (including you and Ethan) to come back to school.  It is too quiet here by myself!

See you soon.

Mrs. Reagan