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The British have Arrived!

Hope/Liverpool Student Teachers May 2012

It is that time of the year when we host student teachers from Hope Liverpool University.  Each May term, Hope College (Holland, Michigan) participates in an exchange program with Hope Liverpool.  Just as we host their teacher candidates, the Liverpool schools host Hope College teacher candidates.

The goal of the program is to help these future teachers experience global teaching and learning settings and through that experience understand the commonalities and differences in helping all learners to achieve.

Over the past four years, we have hosted 30 student teachers.   This year, we will host 15 teacher candidates and they will be placed in grades 1-5.  Some student teacher names your child may be referencing:  Miss Arblaster, Miss Daniell, Miss Laverick, Miss McDermott, Miss Turner and Miss Walters.

If you come to visit during our JUST WRITE celebrations, be sure to introduce yourself and welcome them to Georgetown.

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The Pretty Pink Hair by Hope TerHaar


Hope’s story,  The Pretty Pink Hair,  was selected as worthy of a performance by the K teaching team for our all school JUST WRITE CELEBRATION.

You can view the teacher performance below.  Congratulations,  Hope, on being a JUST RIGHT JUST WRITE author!

The Pink Pretty Hair

by Hope TerHaar

I was going to get pink hair.  She put foil in my hair. I was excited!

She put a special thing to make my hair pink. It made a squirt.

When we were done I looked in the mirror.  My hair was pink.  I was super happy!

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The Georgetown PULL

Hope vs calvin teachersIf you have been following our blog (or if you have a slightly competitive child) you are aware that we culminated our recess game training with a community building activity called THE PULL.   Because we have a student teacher from Calvin College and another from Hope College, we decided to pit the two against each other to decide who could win the GEORGETOWN PULL.

We had a series of three pulls, the first being HOPE STAFF vs CALVIN STAFF.   Calvin gave it their very best shot, but Hope succeeded in pulling the hardest and strongest in this first competition.  The second pull was a mix of HOPE and CALVIN staff members on each side — a chance to show that we do work together no matter which college we attend—and the teams were fairly evenly matched.

pull shot

Finally, we had Mrs. Kuieck’s CALVIN KNIGHTS pull against the Hope Staff, and if I could call the winners, I would say Mrs. Kuieck’s class came in first for effort, determination and overall team spirit!

Many thanks to all the staff who participated and to all the kids who wore team colors of one kind or another.  It was a beautiful day and a fun way to bring the entire school together for some fun.

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The PULL comes to Georgetown!

pullThis fall we are fortunate to host two student teachers:  Miss Ashley Barbieri from Hope College is teaching with Mrs. Reifschneider and Miss Stacey Bouwkamp is from Calvin College, teaching with Mrs. Kuieck.  We have several veteran staff who are graduates of Hope or Calvin—and because my husband is a professor at Hope, I have been accused of Flying Dutchman favoritism.   To prove that I do not have a favored school when it comes to student teachers, we will host a friendly PULL competition on Friday.

HopeHope and Calvin hosts their own “pulls”–and we will set this up as a mud-free, student friendly event.  Mr. Kooiker (our Calvinintrepid teacher assistant, football recess coach, playground supervisor, and overall morale booster) will ‘ref the event.

This is also our first popcorn day and our team building recess day for  grades 3,4, and 5.

We invite all  students to wear either HOPE Flying Dutchman colors (blue/orange) or Calvin Knight colors (maroon/gold) to support a team.  Students who are best dressed will be selected to help with the pull.

Of course, we will have video of the event to share after the event!  Go Dutch!  Go Knights!