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First Grader’s Learn About the Solar Light

 Mrs. O’Rourke’s first graders used the solar lights to read and complete their writing work.  Because of the sunshine, the lights were charged so that they could provide light through the day.

To learn more about our Mindful Giving Projects visit this link.  We would like each child to bring two non-perishable foods and $2 to help care for others.

Mrs. O’Rourke’s first graders

Fourth Graders

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Spreading a Little Light with 4th Graders

Fourth Graders using the solar light during writing with Mrs. Katt.

The solar lights for our GLOBAL Mindful Giving project are making their way to all classrooms over the next two weeks.  Students and teachers are using them for small group learning, read alouds and other activities.

Lights must be charged each day so that they are ready for learners the next day.   These lights will be purchased for Nyaka School in Uganda.  To find out more about this project, read our 2 ACTS OF MINDFUL GIVING blog post.