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Snow Day Readers and More

Reader 3My inbox is being flooded with photos of readers.  I have also gotten a few names of readers — some of them camera shy so they only want their name and book title shared.  That works for me…you get extra credit for reading on a snow day with or without a photo!

reader 5

I have received some questions from parents regarding the million words club.  Mrs. VandenBerg, our librarian, keeps a tally of the word count from year to year–it carries over.   It is possible for all kids to become MILLIONAIRES by the time they reach 5th grade…so get those book titles into school.  The information on the club can be found here:  HOW TO BECOME A MILLIONAIRE.

Reader 4

Enjoy these photos of the readers….and the snow day fun.  Keep those emails coming so I can grow the extra credit list.

Mrs. Reagan

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snow day fun