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Snow Day Readers ROCK!



The best part of the snow days:  Seeing photos of Georgetown kids READING!  Thank you to parents for encouraging your readers and sending the photos my way.   Mrs. VandenBerg (our super librarian) has added your words to your totals.


I had planned to get another incentive (math) set up and posted today, however, much of my school day included “calendar surgery” to reschedule meetings and teacher observations as well as other odd jobs that are part of being a principal.  Also, the longer I worked with the sunshine coming in the window, the more I thought, “We will be back to normal tomorrow…no worries if I can’t get to this.”  Please, let us be back to normal tomorrow!

For those wondering about how many days we receive before we make up days, the answer is SIX.  Today was day SEVEN.  Our superintendent, Mr. Ceglarek, has been working throughout the day to create a plan to communicate to parents and staff.   Bottom line for all of us who work with kids:  One snow day is magical and romantic, beyond that it is lost instruction time — and we MISS the CHILDREN!

Hoping for normalcy tomorrow,

Mrs. Reagan






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Fingers Crossed for Tomorrow!

Empty Hallways during Snow Days
Empty Hallways during Snow Days

I am watching the weather right now and the forecast is for wind chills to be between -10 and zero…and maybe we could hit 4 degrees by noon!  That will feel like a HEAT WAVE!   If you haven’t been by the school since the storm began, check out these photos of the snow piles.  You have to look closely to find our school behind the white mounds.


As you can see from the photo above, it is VERY QUIET and lonely at school on snow days.  I am ready for everyone to come back so we can get into our learning routine again.   Attention everyone:  NO MORE SNOW DAY DANCES!

I have a few readers to celebrate…their photos are below.  Search the photos for an impressive fort made by David and Logan — both third graders at Georgetown.

Hoping to see you all tomorrow!

Mrs. Reagan


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Snow Day Readers and More

Reader 3My inbox is being flooded with photos of readers.  I have also gotten a few names of readers — some of them camera shy so they only want their name and book title shared.  That works for me…you get extra credit for reading on a snow day with or without a photo!

reader 5

I have received some questions from parents regarding the million words club.  Mrs. VandenBerg, our librarian, keeps a tally of the word count from year to year–it carries over.   It is possible for all kids to become MILLIONAIRES by the time they reach 5th grade…so get those book titles into school.  The information on the club can be found here:  HOW TO BECOME A MILLIONAIRE.

Reader 4

Enjoy these photos of the readers….and the snow day fun.  Keep those emails coming so I can grow the extra credit list.

Mrs. Reagan

readers 6

snow day fun

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National Reading Researcher, Richard Allington

Last week Friday, key members of our school districts spent the day with Richard Allington, a national researcher on the best practices for teaching reading instruction.  It was a day packed with information and the Georgetown team left with a full list of ideas to consider for implementation this year.  For me, in particular, I was excited to meet this expert who has been so influential in shaping my learning about teaching practices.  Allington

Our team will be meeting in early January to identify how we can make improvements to our practices in the teaching of reading–especially with our struggling readers.  Allington’s book, What Really Matters in Response to Intervention-Research Based Practices, will be the focus of our work.

Posing with Richard Allington: Diana Bast, Julie Iwema, Kristina Speidel, Sarah Woodring, Richard Allington, Kym Burdis, Julie Reifschneider, Ann McDonald, Theresa Reagan, Lynn Quigley, Amy Jurewicz