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As our year wraps up, it is time to give out our awards for Reading Counts.  All students who made their goals throughout the year were entered into a drawing for an ipod shuffle.  The winners are:

Kensly Kreuger, Marissa Witte, Harrison Jones, Bryanna Bentley, Joe Huyser, Nathan Keillor, Jaron Dykstra, Max Perez, Jacob Martinez, Mackenzie Krystianiak, Zach Weiss, Skylar VanAntwerp, Kelsey Gelder and Tom Stutz.

All students who met their reading goal all three times were entered into a special drawing for a Barnes and Noble Nook.  One winner was selected and it was Ike Irish.

Many thanks to our PTC who makes these awards possible.  Who is our PTC?  YOU!  By raising money through our walkathon and coin war, you make these awards possible!

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Millionaire Club is Growing!

Millionaire winnersPeyton Ward, Cam Cook, Hunter Gulch, Brad Sellers, Quinn Baar, Corey Huyser, Ezra Roerig, Will Haverkamp, Matthew Lawrence, Ryan Mahoney, August VanDam, Chloe Patrick

*Note: Picture appears blurring because these readers were “itching” to get off the stage to start working on their next million words!

This past Friday, we honored our newest members of the Georgetown Millionaire’s Club.  The Millionaire Club opened with 12 founding members in May of 2010.  We honored our second set of millionaires on February 28 of this year. These students have read 1,000,000 words and were honored for doing so in front of the entire school.  As millionaire club members, they receive a t-shirt, blog article (You are reading it!) and the Georgetown Nook for take home reading.  We will load the book of their choice onto the Nook.

Congratulations to: Peyton Ward, Will Haverkamp, Ryan Mahoney, August VanDam, Brad Sellers, Corey Huyser and Ezra Roerig for joining this May.

HUGE SHOUT OUTS go to Matthew Lawrence for adding another million and to Quinn Baar for adding TWO MILLION!

Remember…anyone  can be a millionaire.  Links to how to do this can be found here:  HOW TO BE A GEORGETOWN MILLIONAIRE

The B&N Nook reader has been provided by you due to your support of the Parent Club fundraisers.   We LOVE IT!  Our hope is to grow this collection so that more readers can check out NOOKS for their at-home reading.

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They read HOW many words?


Look at the photo above.  Pictured are students in grades 3-5, Chloe, Quinn, Matthew, Ezra, Cam and Hunter.  If you had to guess how many words they have EACH read in the past few months, would you say:

  • 6000
  • 420.003
  • 560,321
  • 1,000,000
  • If your answer was #4, ONE MILLION WORDS, you are correct!

    Each of these Georgetown students has read 1,000,000 words earning them a place in the honorable and highly sought after GEORGETOWN MILLIONAIRES CLUB.  This CLUB was initiated last year with 12 voracious readers who were awarded t-shirts and certificates at the end of the 2009-10 school year.  Please note that Matthew Lawrence has now read 2,000,000 words…and rumor has it that he is closing in on another million!

    I thought it would be a great idea to get a photo in the library with these readers surrounded by the books they consume.  However, each time I asked them to say “CHEESE”, one or more had their faces looking into an open book!


    This year they will each sign out the PTC donated NOOK e-reader with a story of their choice. The NOOK will then make it’s way from millionaire to millionaire to millionaire.  We hope these readers can provide feedback on the value of adding more e-readers to our school library in the future.

    And for those of you who think it is impossible to read one million words, YOU CAN SAY THAT NO MORE!  Mrs. VandenBerg tracks in school reading for those who do book blogs, reading counts quizzes and other projects for reading.  You can also keep track of your reading at home by using a form created by Mrs. VandenBerg.  You can print this form and complete it at home:  Million word club.