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Wintery Photo of Georgetown

I thought I would update the photo of our school on the front page of our blog.  This will help our friends in P’ing Tung, Taiwan to visualize our snowy weather.  If you peak at the weather in Taiwan right now (see upper right tab at the top of this page), you will see that our sister school lies in the Tropic of Cancer–which means it does not snow there!

Another reason for updating the picture is that the spring like picture was driving our trepid and fastidious custodian, Mr. Rob, CRAZY!   He did not like the fact that I posted a photo in which the lawn was not mowed.   Oh how we love Mr. Rob and the great pride he takes in keeping our building clean, tidy and just right for all of us.  He is one of a kind.  Thank you, Mr. Rob, for all you do!