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Juxtaposition of Two Seasons

If you walked around our playground today, you saw children playing outside on a warm, sunny spring-like day.  Jackets and coats (if worn outside) were lying on the ground, while groups of children played basketball, soccer and tag.

Basketball in January

Next to the basketball court, Mr. Rob’s truck waited for the snow.  His truck, in the ready position, was my reminder that it is January — so get out those winter boots and warm woolen mittens!

Mr. Rob is Ready for some SNOW!

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Thank You, Mr. Rob!

Mr. Rob submitted a grant request to the Hudsonville Education Foundation this fall.  The request was for additional soccer nets for our playground areas. A few days before our holiday break began, Mr. Rob learned that his grant was accepted!  Thanks to Mr. Rob, our incredible head custodian and king of fixing just about anything, we will have new soccer nets on the field this spring!   WE LOVE YOU MR. ROB!

Mr. Rob with his mom and his niece!
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Robo’s Great Adventures

Do you know someone at Georgetown who might title their autobiography, “ROBO’S GREATEST ADVENTURES?”  This same person loves the sound of the piano and if given a chance to learn a new skill would love to learn how to play the piano.

Do you know who this person is yet?  Let me give you a few more clues:  Favorite color is GRAY.  When this person was a child, favorite food of choice:  MAC AND CHEESE.

Who is this person?  Do you know?

Mr. Rob, Our incredible wonderful fabulous…and oh so shy custodian!

Visit all of our school blogs to learn about staff members.  You will be given clues to each person.  See if these clues help you to identify each staff member.

You can visit these blogs by clicking on classrooms to the left.

If you don’t see the post on the main page, type the words “mystery teacher” into the search tab.

Have fun!


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Mr. Rob is a Daddy!

In early December, Mr. Rob and his wife became parents of a beautiful little girl named Madisson Rae Thurkettle.  She arrived one month early on December 7th, weighing 5lbs 12oz, 19 inches.

Below is a photo collage featuring Mr. Rob receiving gifts from the staff during “Mr. Rob’s Baby Shower” and a precious photo of Madisson with her mommy and daddy.

We are anxiously awaiting the arrival of two more staff babies:  Mrs. Boes (PK) and Mrs. VanderPloeg (ECSE).   We love watching our Georgetown family grow!

Mr. Rob...Mr. Dad

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The week ahead…June 1-4, 2010

I simply cannot believe today is the final day of May…and tomorrow begins the month of June.  How have all these school days flown by so quickly?

I hope that everyone has had a relaxing and fun Memorial Weekend.  This morning, when the sun was School Flagshining, I took a photo of our flags in honor of Memorial Day.  These flags are cared for by Mr. Rob Thurkettle, our wonderful custodian.

For those of you who visited our school last week to celebrate the writing and AUTHORs of these pieces, many thanks!  We also said farewell to our Liverpool visitors on Friday, and this week we welcome our sister school, Raey Guang Elementary. The students and staff arrive on Thursday.  We are looking forward to their arrival and time to learn together.

Here is a snapshot of some of the activities that will take place.  Visit your child’s class blog for more specific information.

BLog wk 40

Mrs. Reagan

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Welcome Back…Chalk Style!

The staff of Georgetown spent the past week immersed in curriculum meetings. These meetings help us to improve our teaching instruction and provide time to share best practice strategies with teachers from around the district.

We heartwere also busy welcoming you back with chalk drawings and fun photos from around the school.

These have been mixed into a special slide show to welcome you back to the 2009-10 school year. It will be the best yet because we are BETTER when we are TOGETHER!

And…a special note of thanks to Mr. Rob, our head custodian, and his TOP NOTCH OUT OF THIS WORLD custodial staff.  They have spent the entire summer cleaning, painting, and polishing every single inch of our building…and it looks fabulous.  If you see Mr. Rob, Lani, Ashley or Whitney in the hallway or on the grounds, please give them a shout out of thanks for their hard work.   They truly make our building shine!

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Wintery Photo of Georgetown

I thought I would update the photo of our school on the front page of our blog.  This will help our friends in P’ing Tung, Taiwan to visualize our snowy weather.  If you peak at the weather in Taiwan right now (see upper right tab at the top of this page), you will see that our sister school lies in the Tropic of Cancer–which means it does not snow there!

Another reason for updating the picture is that the spring like picture was driving our trepid and fastidious custodian, Mr. Rob, CRAZY!   He did not like the fact that I posted a photo in which the lawn was not mowed.   Oh how we love Mr. Rob and the great pride he takes in keeping our building clean, tidy and just right for all of us.  He is one of a kind.  Thank you, Mr. Rob, for all you do!