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Welcome to Liam Reifschneider!

On January 10, 2010, Mrs. Reifschneider (aka Mrs. R) had her baby boy, Liam!  They are now Liam Ryan.home and doing very well.  Liam is being well taken care of by his older sisters who are providing lots of tender loving hugs and cuddles.  Miss Barbieri is serving as Mrs. R’s long term sub.

As spring approaches, we will keep you posted on the arrival of two more babiesMrs. Kok and Mrs. Stadt’s.

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Our Staff is Growing!

baby giftI wasn’t sure how to title this post and thought through the following options:  Babies Coming Soon or Due Dates Approaching or even, Expectant Teachers. I landed on the above title because the children of our staff become a part of our Georgetown family and because of that, OUR STAFF IS GROWING!

Mrs. Reifschneider, also know as Mrs. R, is expecting her 3rd baby in early January.  Mrs. Stadt, one of our expectant motherstalented first grade teachers, is expecting her first baby in March.  And, Mrs. Kok (also known as Miss Becky) is expecting her first baby in late March, early April.  Of course, only their precious babies know when the real arrival dates will be!

We wanted to shower these expectant mothers with gifts before the holiday’s began.  On Monday, December 14 we held a luncheon to celebrate the upcoming births, spoil them with food and provide gifts of love!   As soon as we hear of the babies arrivals, we will share the news on the blog.

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