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National Reading Researcher, Richard Allington

Last week Friday, key members of our school districts spent the day with Richard Allington, a national researcher on the best practices for teaching reading instruction.  It was a day packed with information and the Georgetown team left with a full list of ideas to consider for implementation this year.  For me, in particular, I was excited to meet this expert who has been so influential in shaping my learning about teaching practices.  Allington

Our team will be meeting in early January to identify how we can make improvements to our practices in the teaching of reading–especially with our struggling readers.  Allington’s book, What Really Matters in Response to Intervention-Research Based Practices, will be the focus of our work.

Posing with Richard Allington: Diana Bast, Julie Iwema, Kristina Speidel, Sarah Woodring, Richard Allington, Kym Burdis, Julie Reifschneider, Ann McDonald, Theresa Reagan, Lynn Quigley, Amy Jurewicz