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Smarty Games: Reading and Math

Richard Byrne, author of the blog FREE TECHNOLOGY FOR TEACHERS, shared a new website, SMARTY GAMES, designed to help elementary students develop basic math and reading skills.  After visiting the site, I decided that this would be helpful to many students during the summer months.

Free featured games for mathematics cover basic addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.  Reading games include games that focus on alphabet recognition and story content, plus more.

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Every parent can understand the initial amazement of the first time your child asks, “Why?”  as well as the feelings of frustration with the inability to respond with a reasonable answer.  There are many websites that have been designed to help parents and teachers answer these ‘why’ questions.   I have chosen to share four sites that have been recommended to me by a teacher/blogger that I follow on a regular basis, Richard Byrne:  Free Technology for Teachers.

These sites are sure to help you answer questions and energize your own learning curve at the same time!

Hope your summer is going well!


RayLit – Personalized Lessons and Games for Pre-K

Help Kidz Learn – Free Games and Stories

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