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Week 2: September 8-15, 2014

Rachel and Lily
Rachel and Lily
We had a fantastic first week of school!  Four days into a new year, and we have learned all the routines of arrival, transitions in the hallway, learning expectations in the classroom,  recess, lunchroom and departure.
One of my favorite parts of the day occurs at 3:35 when our PK and kindergarteners are picked up at their classrooms by their BUS BUDDIES and escorted to their busses.  Walking side by side, chatting about their days, you see an older student with a younger headed to the busses.  The photo above is of Rachel, a 5th grader and someone who has been at Georgetown since her preschool days, with Lily, a kindergartener who is just starting her educational life at Georgetown.  As I watched the two of them walk to the bus together, I could still picture Rachel walking to the bus five years ago with her bus buddy.  Just think how choked up I will be in five years when Lily is with her bus buddy!
Our second week of school involves more routine building along with setting expectations for the BE NICE part of our school mission.  Our school mission statement is simple and to the point:  Be Nice • Work Hard • Learn Well.  While working hard and learning well are constant companions of academic settings, establishing guidelines for friendship, play and day-to-day communications at school are different from other settings.
At Georgetown, we not only want all children to welcome one another, we also want to make sure that children know how to identify when they are teased or bullied.  In addition, we want to teach children how to respond to teasing or bullying done to them or to others.
We have a common set of lessons that we teach throughout the week in grades K-5.  We call them the BE NICE • BE SAFE lessons.  Each grade modifies these to meet the development needs of their class.  Also, these lessons serve as a kick off to lessons that occur throughout the year.  At the end of the week, your child will bring home a school pledge to share with you.  Our hope is that you will go over this with your child and sign it and return it to school next week.  The BE NICE BE SAFE lessons are below.

I have also included a snapshot of our weekly events.  This week we have two JET’s PIZZA nights.  These are organized by our Parent Club.  A percentage of the JET’s PROFITS on these two nights goes back to our school, funding PTC activities (books for classrooms, student/family activities and events).  If you order a Jet’s Pizza on Tues or Wed, provide your child’s class name (teacher name).  The class that orders the most pizza’s wins a PIZZA LUNCH PARTY compliments of Jet’s.
School pictures are coming on Monday, September 15.  This comes at the beginning of the year when everyone is still getting used to busy fall events…so mark your calendars!
Here’s to a second great week!
Mrs. Reagan
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FOUR DAY WEEK: March 31-April 3, 2014

Amelia, Kindergarten PE TEACHER
Amelia, Kindergarten PE TEACHER

Dress like a PE Teacher was a great success this past Friday.  Shown to the right is one of our kindergarten PE Teachers, Amelia.  She was all decked out, impressing her PE teachers and her friends.  Way to go AMELIA!


We have a four-day week — ending with the annual GEORGETOWN’s GOT TALENT SHOW.   Each year, we showcase students in grades 3-5 share their special talents with the school students and staff.  Show times are 9:15 and 1:30.  In order to fit in all the acts, we run two shows.    We also have a JET’s PIZZA NIGHT on Tuesday, April 1.


Spring Break begins on Friday with a return to school on Monday, April 14.  For those of you interested in the date for 2015 Spring Break, it is as follows:  April 3-10, 2015.

If you are traveling over the vacation, I would like to wish you safe travels.   If you are traveling to a warmer destination than Michigan, ENJOY!  I hope that many of you are able to find sunshine and time to relax with family and friends.

Have a great week and a wonderful vacation!

Mrs. Reagan


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Another Cold Week Ahead: Jan 20-25, 2014

BRRRRRR…..has become our most frequently heard and said winter sound this year.  The snow and cold this year has helped to make up for the lighter versions of winter we have had the past three years.

With another clipper system headed our way, be sure to dress your child in warm gear.  We will be inside if the temps fall below zero—and outside if they are above zero. Our third graders will experience the beauty of winter at the Outdoor Discovery Center on Tuesday and Wednesday this week.  The weather conditions will be perfect for learning about winter animal behaviors and winter sports.

Stay warm ….and enjoy the beauty of winter.  Before long we will be counting down to another season!

Mrs. Reagan



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Wonderful First Week!

Ready to Learn...and Play!

We had an amazing first week of school!  I think that is was our smoothest kick off since we opened in September of 2006.  Many thanks to all of you (parents) who prepared your children so well and to you (staff) for helping them transition into school routines and expectations.  And…most importantly, thank you to ALL of the children for working hard.

We are excited for another week ahead.  Below is a screenshot of some of our events.  JET’S PIZZA NIGHT is a simple and fun way to take care of a meal for your family AND support the school.  For each pizza order on a pizza night, Georgetown receives a percentage of the profits.  The class that places the most orders receives a pizza lunch.  So, if you order from Jets, be sure to provide the teacher/class name so that your child’s class can get credit.

Have a fantastic week!

Mrs. Reagan

Week 2
Week 2



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Our First Week of School for 2013-14

Beautiful Beckett Children
Beautiful Beckett Children

The staff at Georgetown is so excited to be back to school!  We loved seeing you at the OPEN HOUSES this past week.  I have included a few of my photos in this post.  You can also check out the photo stream (which grows through the year) on the ride sidebar.

During the past two weeks, teachers spent their days in classes learning new strategies for teaching and learning.  The school was

Where is my Tomato Girl?
Where is my Tomato Girl?

buzzing with conversations about how to meet the needs of our many ability learners and in the background you could hear the lawn mower running, the floor polisher humming and the copy machine JAMMING!  All the normal sounds are back!

Many thanks to our Head Custodian, Mr. Rob Thurkettle and his team for preparing our grounds, the hallways and classrooms this past summer.  Our building is headed into it’s 8th year but because of Mr. Rob’s attention to detail, it looks brand new!

As you prepare for the year, we want you to be aware of these procedure changes.

  • BUS PASSES for Grades 1-5:  Please read through the information on this page.  Children will not be permitted to change busses unless it has been approved by the TRANSPORTATION DIRECTOR.   We need you to go through this process so that we are not put in the position of disappointing your child during the day.  We will not allow children to get on a different bus unless  we have permission from Transportation–which they can only provide if you go through the process of requesting a change and this must be done before 10 am the day of the change.
  • Parking for PICK UP:  The front loop will be closed in for end of the day pick up due to the number of busses for dismissal.  We will have five special education busses in the front loop allowing room for our 8-9 general education busses in the rear loop.  Please do not use the front loop for pick up. All parents will be directed to park in the lot next to the fenced K/1 playground.  Mrs. VandenBerg (librarian), Mrs. VanOoyen (one of our invaluable parapros) and myself will be out in front to help direct traffic so that we can help with this new plan.
dewitt grandma
Grandma Dewitt and Samantha

For all of you who are sending your child off to school (or Georgetown) for the first time, know that we will do our very best to take care of your child.  They may not eat all of their lunch on the first day and maybe not the second, but it will get better.  If it doesn’t let us know so we can help out.  I am always happy to sit down at lunch and help a child feel more comfortable at school.

Here’s to a wonderful week!

Warmly, Mrs. Reagan

PS:  Friday is our first home football game at Eagle Stadium.  Wear Blue and Gold or your Eagle wear to get in the fall spirit.



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May is Coming!

Even if our weather pattern has not leveled out to spring trends, it helps to know that May starts this week!

The weather will be the talk of the school…especially if it hits 80 degrees on Wednesday, as predicted.  This will be our quietest week school-wide.  Our four weeks in May and the final week in June are very busy with a variety of different spring events.

Have a great week!

Mrs. Reagan

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Week 22: Welcome February!

In a blink of an eye, January is behind us.  February is busy month for holidays and month long celebrations.

Some important dates to note:

  • Feb 1:  Milo turns 1…we’ll celebrate with his visit on February 7.   More about this later in the week.
  • Feb 2:  Ground Hog’s Day and 100th Birthday for Grand Central Station
  • Feb 3:  Superintendent Nick Ceglarek’s 40th birthday (Doesn’t he look too young to be 40?)  If you want to give him a shout out, his email is:   I know he would love to hear from his favorite audience…children!
  • Feb 12:  Lincoln’s Birthday
  • Feb 14: Valentine’s Day
  • Feb 18:  President’s Day

Month Long Celebrations

Most notable:  Black History Month:  The HISTORY Channel is my favorite go to learn about about and celebrate black history.

And…February is also the month to celebrate international friendship, pet ownership, potatoes, cherries, wild birds and embroidery.  It’s also the shortest month…and before we know it, we will be looking ahead to March.  So make the most of it!

A snap shot of our week is below.  We have a four day week…followed by a four day week!

Week 22


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Weekly Events: November 15, 2010

winter clothingWe have had very mild days of fall weather so far this school year and this has allowed us to have an extended season of recess ball field use for kick ball, soccer, baseball and football.  BUT…it sounds like the forecast for the upcoming week is more typical for November with rain, winds and possibly some snow showers by week’s end.

We would like all children to be properly dressed for recess with hats, gloves/mittens and winter jacket.  Once the snow arrives, boots are a MUST!

I hope you are aware through the blog updates that we have a very contagious stomach virus moving through our school.  The onset is quite rapid with reported symptoms of a headache and/or yucky tummy.  The vomiting hits quickly.  When one child in a classroom gets sick, in short order others are sick as well.

We are cleaning surfaces as often as we can throughout the day and sick childreminding EVERYONE to wash their hands frequently.  If you child becomes sick, please keep him/her home for at least 24 hours to help us prevent the spreading of this intestinal issue.   Thank you for your help!

A snapshot of the week ahead is below.  Remember to check your child’s class blog for more specific grade/class events.

Blog Update 11 15