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Wonderful First Week!

Ready to Learn...and Play!

We had an amazing first week of school!  I think that is was our smoothest kick off since we opened in September of 2006.  Many thanks to all of you (parents) who prepared your children so well and to you (staff) for helping them transition into school routines and expectations.  And…most importantly, thank you to ALL of the children for working hard.

We are excited for another week ahead.  Below is a screenshot of some of our events.  JET’S PIZZA NIGHT is a simple and fun way to take care of a meal for your family AND support the school.  For each pizza order on a pizza night, Georgetown receives a percentage of the profits.  The class that places the most orders receives a pizza lunch.  So, if you order from Jets, be sure to provide the teacher/class name so that your child’s class can get credit.

Have a fantastic week!

Mrs. Reagan

Week 2
Week 2



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Our 3rd Week Ahead: September 17-21

Our days at school are flying by…and with each passing week, we are getting into a rhythm of the day that helps our time together to feel safe, predictable and comfortable.

Hallway Expectations

The photo above shows a 2nd grade chart for hallway expectations.  Each grade has one to help us focus on hallway expectations — and these have made a great difference in our hallway climate.  If you are in the building and see a class that is walking and/or moving about in a respectful, quiet way, please make sure to let them know and their teacher that you noticed!  Also, if a group of students becomes noisy near their lockers while you are volunteering, please remind them that they need to do this quietly so you can work with learners.   We know that our students are children who will bounce lively out of the classroom door and occasionally forget the hallway expectations.  They are, after all, children who are working hard at learning.  We also expect all children to respond respectfully to adult reminders to quiet down if needed.

Below is a snapshot of our highlights for the week ahead.  Included next week, is another PIZZA NIGHT.  This one is for Marco’s.

We would love to have you order Pizza on this night and pick it up at Marco’s.  Be sure to tell them your child’s class name (teacher name) so that this class gets credit for the order.  The class that orders the most pizza earns a free pizza party lunch.  A portion of all profits of pizza’s purchase go toward our school PTC which funds books for classrooms, family events, and much much much more.

Last week, Miss Taber’s first grade class won the JET’s PIZZA NIGHT.  Congratulations, first graders!

Have a great week!

Mrs. Reagan



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Week 17: Will it feel like March or January?

Ahhhh….Michigan weather is so unpredictable and confounding.  During our first week of January, we had three days that were sunny and warm enough to be mistaken for early March.

I am not sure what the weather will bring for our second week and I wish you great luck in dressing your children for school each morning!   I remember the days of convincing my children that they needed to wear boots, mittens and hats as the snow was rapidly disappearing from the grassy areas.

My best advice is this:  Even thought the snow is melting, the playground is wet and the grassy areas muddy so wear those boots.  The wind whips through our playground areas, so mittens and a hat are must haves for outdoor wear at Georgetown.

It won’t be long and a good ol’ fashioned winter storm will arrive to remind us how important our winter accessories are in our lives.

A snapshot of the week ahead is below.  Remember, JET’S PIZZA NIGHT is TUESDAY!  I can’t wait to find out which class will win pizza for lunch from Jet’s.  Many thanks to the PTC and Mr. Cecchini for making this possible.


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Jet’s Pizza Night Tonight

84-459867952Hello Georgetown Parents!

How about a night off from making dinner tonight??!!  Tonight is a Jet’s Pizza night for Georgetown! This is a great way to earn money for our school.  For each order placed, Georgetown receives a percentage back.  What an easy way to help out our school and have dinner ready for you at the same time!pz01h025

DO NOT forget when placing your order to mention a teacher’s name.  The class that has the most participation will win a classroom pizza party from Jet’s!

Have a good day!

Mrs. Nurenberg

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72-426373804Good Afternoon Georgetown Parents!!!

Just wanted to remind all of you that TONIGHT is JET’S PIZZA NIGHT!  Take a night off from cooking and enjoy pizza, all while raising money for Georgetown.  It can’t get any easier than that!  Just think if you have conferences tonight you can just swing right on by Jet’s and pick up dinner when you are finished.

DO NOT forget to mention your student’s teacher’s name when placing your order!  The classroom that raises the most amount of money will win a classroom pizza party!!  Woo-hoo!

Let’s try and beat our last Jet’s Pizza night!  I know we can do it!!  GO GEORGETOWN!!

Have a great night!   Mrs. Nurenbergpizza-slice

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Hey there Georgetown Parents,

Don’t forget to take the night off from thinking about and cooking dinner!  Tonight is JET’S PIZZA NIGHT!! Yeah!  : )

A percentage of the sales tonight from Georgetown parents will be donated back to the school.  What an easy way to help the school earn money.  Do not forget when ordering to give them a teacher name for the order also.  Whichever class  has earns the most will win a pizza party for their class.

Have a great day and enjoy your dinner tonight!

Mrs. Nurenberg pizza-slice

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Pizza Lunch with A Special 2nd Grader

Over 120 students entered the October Blog Scavenger Hunt! The individual winner of this hunt was a very special second grader from Mrs. Greenlund’s classroom. I gave Jordyn the option of going anywhere for lunch and she chose to have JET’s Pizza with me at school.  (Jet’s makes frequent deliveries to our building!)


We ate our pizza and talked about fun topics that included Halloween candy totals, puppies, cousins, Thanksgiving celebrations and how much she loves her little sister.

Having lunch with Jordyn was the best part of my day on Thursday!