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Walk-A-Thon WINNERS!

The weather DID NOT dampen our walk-a-thon spirits!  Nearly all of our classes have found a way to work in their walking time during the rare periods it was not rainy and windy last week.  For those classes that have not yet done so, they will be finding time to walk as soon as the weather improves.


Every single penny that was donated to our fundraiser will be used to help fund events for students and families.  In addition, the money will go toward supporting learning through books for the library, field trip expenses, and technology equipment purchases for the classrooms.

This year, we had several incentives for students to help them raise money.  All winners were announced at the endof the school.

Winners of Board Games:

  • Braeden Gilchrist
  • Riley VanSprange
  • Ellie Norder
  • Samantha Fuglseth
  • Drew Martinie
  • Aliya Schuur
  • Riley Fellows

Lost City Winner:

  • Seth Doornbos

Holiday Inn Express

  • Joshua Benz

Great Wolf Lodge

  • Megan Good

Winners of lunch with principal and a Target Gift Card:

  • Aliya Schuur
  • Kiara Sullivan
  • Happy Bainbridge
  • Megan Good

Top Five Money Earners receive a Summer Pool Party at the Principal’s House AND lunch with principal and a Target Gift Card:

  • Madison Gryzen
  • Sheyla Plummer
  • Paige Pell
  • Tom Stutz
  • Brooklyn Dykstra

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