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Week 4: Perfect WALK•A•THON Weather

shoe 1The most important event of our week ahead is our Parent Club Sponsored WALK•A•THON.   As a school, we will ROCK the walkathon on Thursday morning from 9:30-11.   All the money donated by families like yours will go toward school events for the 2014-15 school year.

We are looking for willing parents to help run our Holiday Shop, December 2-5.  This special shop is one of my favorite events of the year.  I watch students select gifts for those they love, wrapping the gifts in top secret bags and stowing them away until Christmas Day.   If this is an event that you can assist with, please complete this survey.  If you have questions about the event, contact Cheryl Havens

We will also be holding required VISION and HEARING Screening.    Hearing screening is provided to students in K, 2 and 4.  Vision screening is provided to students in grades 1, 3 and 5.   If the screening demonstrates concerns about vision or hearing, your will be contacted by a representative of Ottawa County Health Department.

Here’s to a beautiful WALK•A•THON week!

Mrs. Reagan


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Rock the Walk•A•Thon 2014


Greetings parents and students and welcome to the 2014-2015 school year! We have officially kicked-off our 2014 ROCK THE WALK, which is our primary fundraiser for the year. Our goal is to have all students participate and for each to strive for a personal goal of raising at least $25 to support their school!  This is the ONLY Parent Club Fundraiser of the year.  All money raised goes toward funding family activities, school activities and books/materials for the library and classrooms.

The Walk is SEPTEMBER 25 between 9:30 and 11:30.  If you’d like to participate, please check your child’s class blog for walk times.

Here are some ways you can add some fun on the day of the walk-a-thon:

  • Wear blue, gold and Eagle spirit wear
  • Dress up like your favorite Rock Star
  • Accessorize with socks, bandanas, beads and hats

lightTo make participation easy for everyone, we are holding the event during the school day, where students can walk, jog or run around the course. If you raise $25, you will receive a special treat at the end of the event:  A cool blue flashlight.

We love to have volunteers to pass out water during the walk (9:30-11:00) please contact Amanda Impens at 616-443-3814 or

To find out about prizes and due dates, watch this slideshow.  Please watch your child’s Friday Folder/Backpack for all the walkathon donation information.  The information is also here available as pdfs below.



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Perfect Day for a POOL PARTY

Today was the day that seven students left school to play in the pool at the principal’s house!  These seven students were the top winners for our 2014 PTC SPONSORED WALKATHON.  They waited patiently through an extra long winter to earn this day and it was worth every minute of the waiting.

Once we arrived to the pool, we lathered up with sunscreen, ate a healthy lunch of JET’s PIZZA  and SUBWAY and then we SWAM and SPLASHED.  This was followed by a cookie break (in the pool of course) which was followed by more swimming, jumping and diving.  This wore us out, so we needed an ice cream break — and yes, we ate our ice cream in the pool.

We arrived back to school shortly before the dismissal bus rang feeling refreshed and sun kissed after our day at the pool.

Thank you to Lauren Burgess (2x winner), Jackson Burgess, Sheyla Plummer (5x winner), Ava Burlison (2x winner) Leah Burlison, Bryce Counts and Isabelle Swiercz.  Many thanks to our PTC for sponsoring yet another great event!

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Walk•A•Thon Winners 2013

Pool Party Winners:  TOP EARNERS 
  • Laura Burgess (Kuieck)
  • Jackson Burgess (Yankee)
  • Sheyla Plummer (Bialochowski)
  • Ava Burlison (VanArkel)
  • Leah Burlison (Stutz)
  • Bryce Counts (Woodring)
  • Isabelle Swiercz (Quigley)
  • 1st place class = Limo + Pizza Ranch Winners Mrs. Woodring’s Class with $929.08
  • 2nd place class = 2 Extra Recesses  Mr. Kooiker’s class with $897
  • 3rd place class = Extra Recess Ms. Yankee with $775
Top Earner FROM EACH GRADE:  Pizza and Dessert with Mrs. Reagan
  • 5th = Connor Mesman (Bialochowski)
  • 4th = Quinton Tomaszewski (Kooiker)
  • 3rd = Liz Havens (McDonald)
  • 2nd = Mckenzie Haan (Ray)
  • 1st = Sierra Hutmacher (Woodring)
  • K = Ainslee Tomaszewski (Estefan)

TOTAL EARNED: $14, 394.99….Not enough for the SUMO WRESTLING EVENT…but a HUGE AMOUNT FOR OUR WONDERFUL SCHOOL!  Thank you everyone!

There are several individual prizes (Book Fair gift certificates, movie tickets, etc.) that will be awarded.  We will be drawing names for these and sending out emails to parents.  We are still in the process of cross checking names, etc.

COW BELLS:  These will be passed out to students as soon as we receive them!  If you earned $25 or more, you will receive a cow bell.


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Moving into October, Week 5

We have had absolutely amazing weather to kick off the 2013-14 school year.  The first week of October (our 5th week of school) looks to be a continuation of this pleasant weather pattern….and you won’t hear complaints from the Georgetown team!  This nice weather boosts everyone’s mood AND allows for outdoor recess (rather than indoor).

This incredible weather pattern allowed us to have one of the most beautiful days for our WALKATHON.  It was held last week Thursday, 9-26-13.  We had many parents and grandparents join us as we walked around the track.  Mrs. Impens and her team created a festive and fun event for all 660 participants.  If you have not yet turned in your WALKATHON donations, please do so tomorrow (Monday).     We are currently at $7000…and hope to earn $8000 more so that we can watch Mr. Rob, Mr. Gort, Mr. Bowen, Mr. Bialochowski and Mr. Kooiker sumo wrestle for the international sumo wrestling championship!

Our school photographer, Malachi Hollis, captured some amazing photos of the day.  These are featured in a video below.

Our week ahead is busy with fire safety lessons, Vision and Hearing screenings run byt the Ottawa County Health Department for select grades, a pizza night AND it ends with our first POPCORN DAY!  I want you to know that POPCORN FRIDAYS are very popular elevating the popcorn poppers to hero status!


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Greetings parents and students and welcome to the 2013-2014 school year!

We have officially kicked- off our 2013 Walk-a-Thon, which is our primary fundraiser for the year. Our goal is to have all students participate and for each to strive for a personal goal of raising at least $25 to support their school!

Here are some ways you can add some fun on the day of the walk-a-thon:
– Wear blue, gold and Eagle spirit wear
– Paint your face or spray your hair
– Accessorize with socks, bandanas, beads and hats

To make participation easy for everyone, we are holding the event during the school day, where students can walk, jog or run around the course. All participants will receive a special treat at the end of the event.

To find out more about the prizes, check out the presentation below. All questions can be directed to Amanda Impens…or lead organizer for this important event:

Georgetown Walkathon Letter 2013 v2

Georgetown Walkathon Donation Receipt 2013

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Welcome Fall Equinox: Week 4

Our fourth week of school opens with Fall Equinox — day and night in both hemisphere’s will be nearly equal.    And as you know, soon we will be experiencing less daylight and cooler weather. The youtube video below shows how the movement of the sun looks from space.

Our week ahead includes the ANNUAL WALK•A•THON.  Please contribute to this very important event.  It is our only all school fundraiser — and the money earned funds events and tech tools for the 2013-14 school year.

A special post about the walk•a•thon will post separately soon.

Have a great week!

Mrs. Reagan


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Rainbow Over Georgetown

Rainbow over Georgetown
Rainbow over Georgetown

Did you see the rainbow this morning?  If you didn’t our wonderful crossing guard, Mrs. Fabbro captured it for you.  It was beautiful…and one of those rare times when you could see both arches.  A beautiful start to the day!

This photo also introduces you to the GEORGETOWN WALKATHON which is our BIGGEST BEST and ONLY  fundraiser for the school year.  This is sponsored by our parent club and funds raised go toward tech tools for classrooms and parent/child events.

The PTC have set up excellent prizes for students who participate:

1.  Top earners for the school will have a MAY pool party at the principal’s house!

2. Top earning class will have a limo ride to Pizza Ranch for lunch and dessert.

3. Top earning grade level earners will have a pizza lunch and dessert with Mrs. Reagan (principal).

4.  Drawing for a collection of fun prizes for all to have an opportunity to win.

5.  A BLUE cowbell for all walkathon earners.

Finally…an ALL SCHOOL prize if we raise $15,000 total.

Mr. Rob the WRECKER, international sumo wrestler will wrestle against some of the local Georgetown Sumo Wrestlers.  Names to be announced soon!  Top secret while they are away at the national training camp.

Watch the blog for more breaking news on this!

Mrs. Reagan