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Day 213

Did you know that August 1 is the 213th day of the year?   As of today, there are 152 days remaining in 2011.  August is a busy month for tourism — a time when families take their summer vacations before Labor Day and the September start of school. Have you ever used the phrase the ‘DOG DAYS of SUMMER’?   This phrase is used to describe August days that are stifling hot and unbearably humid.

My body and mind definitely move at a slower pace when the summer heat kick’s in.  Rather than get work done in the yard or around the house, I call up family and friends and invite them to swim in our pool and eat burgers under the cool shade of the hemlocks.  This collage is a series of photos my son took when we were hanging out with our nieces and nephew for a few days in July.

What are you doing to keep cool this summer?  Eating popsicles? Swimming?  Running through sprinklers?  Send me a photo that shows how your stay cool and have fun in the summer and I will post this on the blog!

Happy August!

Mrs. Reagan


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