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Pizza Lunch Stars

Lunch with Seth and his friend, Griffin.
There are many things I love about being the principal of Georgetown Elementary.   Eating lunch with the walkathon winners ranks high on my list of favorite things.  This week, I ate with the top grade level winners.
Because Seth had a field trip on Wednesday, I had two pizza lunches.  Wednesday’s lunch was with Isabelle, Patrick, Ethan, Leah and Sophie.  On Thursday, Seth invited a friend to join him –Griffin Baker.
We ate Jet’s pepperoni pizza, cinnamon sticks, drank pop and juice.    Two days of pizza with Georgetown kids = best part of being a principal!
  • K grade:  Seth Miller  (Mrs. Iwema’s Class)
  • 1st grade:  Isabelle Swiercz  (Miss Taber’s Class)
  • 2nd grade: Patrick Jones  (Mrs. Greenlund’s Class)
  • 3rd grade:  Ethan Impens  (Mrs. Vanderstel’s Class)
  • 4th grade: Sophia Vanderkolk  (Mr. Kooiker’s Class)
  • 5th grade:  Leah Vandenberg (Mr. Gort’s Class)
Patrick, Ethan, Isabelle, Sophie and Leah
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