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More on Babies!

The Memorial Weekend rain and thunderstorms forced our family to re-organize our weekend priorities.  We managed to pull off a rain free pool party for the Hope Liverpool student teachers on Saturday (thank goodness for a heated pool), but all other outdoor events have been pushed off to Monday—when hopefully the sun will shine again.

baby robinWhile working on my school projects today, I was visiting Mrs. Kuieck’s blog.  She posted a photo of a baby robins nesting in a tree on our 2/3 playground.

This photo shows a baby bird  with open beak waiting for some food to be delivered.  While watching this momma robin build her nest and lay her eggs, the children have asked many questions about why robin’s eggs are blue.  It is the pigment in the bird’s blood that creates the color of the egg shell.  Robin’s happen to have pigments that give their eggs a shade of blue.

Discussions about the baby robins, reminded me of the baby animals  I shared on our school blog during spring vacation (eaglets and giraffe) and wondered if there were new videos on the web highlighting animals born this spring.

I discovered a site sponsored by BBC EARTH called LIFE IS.  They feature a video which demonstrates how important it is for baby elephants to learn how to drink from their trunks.  To watch a baby elephants from a zoo cam, be sure to visit the San Diego Zoo elephant cam.

The web has links to a treasure trove of zoo cams that allow you to view animal behaviors and habitats from home.  Some cams you may want to visit on a rainy day like today: