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More Than Lip Service

If you read the Grand Rapids Press in paper form or online, you likely noticed the the catchygirl scouts title, MORE THAN LIP SERVICE on the front of the Region Section tonight.  If you missed the title, I know that the photo of Alaina and Happy caught your eye.  And, if you missed that, you have ME in your life to share it with you!

During several weeks this fall, Alaina DuPuys and Happy Bainbridge asked students and staff to donate scented chap sticks for their Girl Scout service project.  This project was tremendously successful with a collection total of 1,300 chap sticks.  Both girls earned their Bronze Badge AND learned some incredible lessons by organizing and executing this project.  The chap sticks were donated to DeVos Children’s Hospital where they are used to scent anesthesia masks for medical procedures and also to coat dry lips of children who have had multiple procedures done to get healthy again.

There are many families and students from our school that have been touched by the incredible nurses and doctors at DeVos Children’s Hospital.  This coming weekend, the hospital will re-open in an entirely new facility–designed to support children and their families even better.  A community open house will be held on December 4 for all those interested in seeing the facility and all it has to offer.

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BLOG BITS 11/19/10


NEWS FROM THE OFFICE……… Well let’s just say the office is ready for Thanksgiving Break.  I think everyone needs a little time away and needs to get healthy!  Hopefully all of these wonderful germs will have settled down by then!  Please just make sure you are following the rule that if you child has a fever or has vomited that they need to stay home for 24 hours after the symptoms are gone!  That is so helpful to us here and helps to prevent others from getting these illnesses.

HELP NEEDED….. Please read the following as it is so important to our Holiday Shop. We REALLY need some more volunteers desperately!  If we can not get the volunteers needed this year we may have to stop doing this fun event for the students!  Please consider signing up for one of the following shifts!  The shop this year is Nov. 29 – Dec. 2.  These are the shifts that are available:   Monday, Nov. 29, 9:00 am – 12:30 pm (Set Up);  Tuesday and Wednesday, Nov. 30 and Dec. 1, 8:45 am – 12:00 pm and 12:00 pm – 3:15 pm;  Thursday, Dec. 2, 8:45 – 12:00 pm and 12:00 pm – 3:15 pm (tear down).

If you can help out at one or two shifts that would be wonderful!  Please email Jamie Ham at with your availability!  Thanks for your help in advance!

CHAPSTICK DRIVE……… WOW, way to go Georgetown!!  As a school you donated 1,307 chapsticks!  These were donated to the Helen Devos Children’s Hospital for children undergoing surgery.  The chapstick is used to “sweeten the smell” of the anesthesia when rubbed on the inside of the mask for children undergoing surgery.  Happy Bainbridge and Alaina DePuy did this service project for their Girl Scout Troup #2955.  Way to go girls!

HOLIDAY PROGRAM……. Don’t forget to mark your calendars for our annual Holiday Program!  It will be on THURSDAY, DECEMBER 9 AT 7PM!  It will be at Resurrection Life Church in Grandville.  (The same place as last year.)  Please visit this blog post for more info    HOLIDAY PROGRAM.

P.E. NEWS…….. We had another great year for our P.E. Cares program!  As a school we collected 2,398 food items that were donated to a local church’s food pantry.  The winning class of the bowling field trip and t-shirts was 5th Grade – Mrs. Burdis.  Way to go 5th graders!  As a class they collected 284 items!  Please visit the P.E. Blog for the top 5 classes that collected the most items.

PTC NEWS……. Marco’s Pizza Night winner……… was Mrs. Jabaay’s Kindergarten class! Way to go Kindergartners!!  You guys are going to get a pizza party for lunch one day.  We once again had great participation and earned $110 for Georgetown.  What an easy way for families to help support our school and put food on the table!  Thanks again!!!

COMMUNITY ED NEWS…….. We still have the other two activities also that we mentioned last week from Community Ed.  The new programs being offered are Hudsonville Youth Wrestling and Soccer. Youth Wrestling is being offered for grades K – 6th and starts Tuesday, November 30.  Soccer is available for ages 5 thru 12 and starts Monday, November 22 or Wednesday, November 24.  I will attach both of these forms below.

HWC2010 Soccerwinter2010

Questions about Community Ed Activities… contact 669-1740 or go to

COMMUNITY NEWS……..  Help support the HHS Senior All Night Committee by purchasing bag chairs that have the eagle logo!  These are great to use for athletic events or camping and would make an awesome Christmas gift!

The chairs are selling for $35 each and for an additional $2 your name can be put on the chair as well.  Checks can be made payable to HHS Senior All Nighter. Please submit order with payment to Ginny Hager 1482 – 36th Avenue, Hudsonville, MI 49426 by November 24. Delivery will be by December 15. FYI, we will be placing another order after the first of the year.  If you have any questions, please contact Ginny Hager at  Thanks for helping to support the Senior All Nighter!

HOLIDAY ARTISTS’ MARKET & SHOP……. Join us for the 22nd annual Holiday Artists’ Market at UICA. This unique sale is a delight for holiday shoppers who seek one-of-a-kind works by the region’s most exciting artists.  Enjoy free admission and parking.

Children’s Workshop……….  SATURDAY, DECEMBER 4, 10 AM TO 3 PM………  Create your own holiday ornaments, pins, bracelets, mini-figures or small paintings using colorful yarn and other mixed media materials. UICA Education Staff will be on hand to teach children new techniques and encourage individual creativity in a cooperative and festive studio environment. Children 6 and under must be accompanied by an adult.

Urban Institute for Contemporary Arts
41 Sheldon Boulevard SE
Grand Rapids Michigan 49503-4227
616 454 7000 |



11/29 – 12/3 Holiday Gift Shop

12/3  Popcorn Friday

12/7  Jet’s Pizza Night


12/15  Marco’s Pizza Night

12/16  T/TH K Holiday Parties

12/17  Holiday Parties

12/20 – 12/31  HOLIDAY BREAK – NO SCHOOL  : )

Have a great weekend!

Mrs. Nurenberg  : )


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Remember your CHAPSTICKS!

Happy Bainbridge and Alaina DePuys have kicked off a special service project that benefits children at DeVos Children’schapstickHospital.  This project helps them to earn their Bronze Award for Girl Scouts and also supports special children in our community.

Collection days are October 21, October 29 and November 5.

The team that brings in the most scented chapsticks wins an extra recess.

TEAM 1:  Grades K and 5

TEAM 2:  Grade 1 and 4

TEAM 3:  Grade 2 and 3