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Dads…We Need You!

Jeff Wressell, Chief Operating Dad of DESK (Dad’s Empowering Super Kids) and organizer of the volunteers for Bustin’ thru Books has asked me to do another blog shout out for Dads.  He has received several volunteers, but needs more.  If you are interested…read on:

If you are a dad of a  child at Georgetown and have wondered how you can volunteer at school, we have the opportunity for you!  Jeff Wressell has organized a volunteer program called D.E.S.K (Dad’s Empowering Super Kids) and this will kick off in partnership with our  Bustin’ Through Books program.  The philosophy of DESK can be found here:  Dads Vol Program

Please consider participating in this opportunity!  We would love to have you participate and be present in the school.

To find out more about the program, visit BUSTIN’ THROUGH BOOKS.

To volunteer, complete this survey:  DADs WHO BUST THROUGH BOOKS