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Final Principal of the Day Blog Post

Principal of the Day

When my class found out I was going to be principal of the day,  some of them begged me to give them a detention.  I told Mrs. Reagan this.  So, after lunch I called into my classroom from the principal’s office.  I asked Miss VanArkel to have all students who wanted a detention to raise their        hands.det 2detMiss VanArkel counted and told me that 19 kids wanted detention.  I then announced:  For those who want detention, you must put your heads down and be quiet for 5 minutes. I heard a big groan!


My final announcement of the day is thanks to Mr. Hahn.  He is the school psychologist who was in one ofMR. hahn the meetings with me and Mrs. Reagan.  He asked me if I knew it was Pac Man’s 30th Anniversary today.  Mr. Hahn thought I should make an announcement.  Mrs. Reagan thought it would be a good idea…at the END OF THE DAY not the middle of the day.

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