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Friday update from Mr. Lawrence

I would like to introduce myself.My name is Matthew Lawrence and I won principal for half the day. I was the top bidder for the silent auction for this item.  (THANKS MOM AND DAD!)

Please know that the fourth graders got of on their field trip. Because of the rain we had to make arrangements for them to go to a Youth Group Activity Center at Christ Memorial Church.  It was a crazy start to the day, but we all worked together to figure it out.

Mrs. Reagan had me introduce myself to the school at 9:15.  I used the school intercom service for this.  I signed all the purchase requisitions, uploaded camp photos (Mrs. Reagan visited yesterday) and learned how to use the 2 way radio.

At 10:10, I called into Miss VanArkel’s classroom to call a 1o minute indoor recess.  I figured that if I am a third grader in this room and the principal, that the class should have some fun, too.

I have to now go to put postings for new teaching positions on the staff board.  None of these are for our school, but they have to be posted at all the schools.

Have a good day and Happy Friday!

Mr.  Lawrence

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