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Blue Eyed Snowman

Sometime during lunch recess, a blue eyed, toothpaste smiling snowman appeared on the first grade playground.
A photographer was lucky to grab a photo of the design/build team.  As you can see, they are a proud and creative group.  When they were told it was going to be on the blog, one child was heard to say, “It’s a dream come true!  Our snowmen are going to be on the blog, all of our hardwork has paid off!”
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Winter Break Snow Storm

The snow storm is arriving just in time for WINTER BREAK.  The upside….Mr. Ceglarek doesn’t have to worry about calling a snow day tomorrow.

While shoveling the wet, heavy snow off my driveway, I realized:  This is PERFECT SNOWMAN SNOW!  If you make a snowman, snow person, snow creature over break, send me a photo and I will post it on the blog!

Enjoy your four days off…and have fun in the snow.

Mrs. Reagan

PS:  Colton Roby:  Remember, if you send me a photo of a jumping rope snowman, I will give you a rematch!

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Snow Day Fun with the Ham Kid’s


Dear Mrs. Reagan,
I am having so much fun playing in the snow today with my sister and brother. 

We made a huge snowman.  It is taller than my mom.  Today was an awesome snow day

I miss school though. See you next week!

Annelise (and Ava and Tate)

The Ham Snowman

Dear Annelise,

I love the pictures you sent my way of you, Ava and Tate having the best snow day ever.  I missed seeing you at school…it is so quiet when I am there by myself!

I am glad that your snow day was the best ever!

See you on Monday.

Mrs. Reagan

Posing for a Snow Day Photo