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Silly Scavenger Hunt Winners

MaggieWe had a three way classroom tie for our SILLY SCAVENGER HUNT WINNERS! These classes had the most scavenger hunt participants and have won an hour of choice activity time:  Mrs. Boersma, Mrs. Bouwens and Mrs. Burdis.   It is important to note that Mrs. Burdis’ class had the highest average of participants in all three scavenger hunts!

The individual winner for the hunt was Maggie in Mrs. Kuieck’s second grade classroom.  Maggie won a $10 Barnes and Noble gift card along with some yummy holiday candy.

Over 80 students participated in the hunt.  This earns them an extra ticket in the Reading Counts drawing that will take place later this week.

We have had three scavenger hunts so far this year–all designed to help you get to know the teaching staff.  We kicked off the year with a hunt about vacations, followed by one about hobbies, and ended with “silly things teachers do.”  In all, we had 331 people participate in our hunts!  I think this is incredible.

It is my hope to kick off a student scavenger hunt this winter!  More news to come in 2010.   Mrs. Reagan