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The Week Ahead-March 8, 2010

The second week in March brings PK/K Round Up, field trips for select classrooms and more mild weather!   The mild weather means many things to a school staff, including but not limited to the following:

  • Joy
  • Decrease in winter viruses
  • Increase in lost and found items

Our lost and found is overflowing with LOST items, and the onset of mild weather will mean that it will grow as students wear their jackets/sweatshirts outside for recess…and then peel them off while playing.   We will be donating left over winter items to a local agency the first week of April.  Please make sure you have your child check for any missing items before spring break arrives.

Finally, our annual talent show will be held on the Thursday before spring break!  If you have a 3rd-5th grader who is interested in participating, check out the GOT TALENT post.

Here’s a snap shot of the week ahead!


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Got Talent?

Got Talent

Are you in grades 3rd-5th? Can you juggle?  Play an instrument?  Do a special jump rope routine?  Magic tricks?  Gymnastics routines?  Dance?  Sing?  Play the recorder? Be an MC for the show?   Then Georgetown wants YOU!!

Our annual Georgetown Talent Show is right around the corner!  Since May is so busy with end of year activities, we have decided to move our Talent Show earlier in the year to help celebrate the day before spring break??!!  Its time to pull out all the stops and start practicing those acts!!

If your child is interested in participating in our Talent Show, there are some very important dates and details coming up that they need to be aware of to be considered for the show:


  • Decide on act and start practicing alone or with friends:   NOW!
  • Pick up Official Talent Show Audition Sheet (located outside music room door):  Available on Tuesday, March 2
  • Talent Show Audition Sheets must be turned in on or before:  Monday, March 15
  • Auditions will be held:  Wednesday, March 17 – Friday, March 19
  • Talent Show:  Thursday, April 1


  1. Students must be in grades 3rd-5th to be in Talent Show.  All other grades will watch only.
  2. Act must be 2 minutes or less.
  3. If song/act to perform is longer than 2 minutes, we can fade music out at the 2 minute mark.
  4. When submitting Audition Sheet, lyrics for songs performed must be attached to sheet.  Only appropriate   music will be allowed.
  5. Students must come to Audition PERFORMANCE READY.  That means that they should perform as if it is the actual Talent Show.  They should have all CD’s and props with them in order to be considered.
  6. If auditioning to be an MC/announcer for the show, student should memorize one joke to tell for their audition.

So start practicing!  We are so excited to see all the amazing talents that Georgetown has to offer!!!  We can hardly wait for April 1!

If you have any questions, please come see Mrs. Bretz, Mrs. Brouwer, Mrs. VanKoevering or Mrs. Nienhuis.  Good luck everyone!

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Talent Show DVD

If you ordered a DVD of the talent show, please make sure that your child’s performance is included. If you find that it is not, send your DVD back for a refund. A technology glitch occurred while converting the i-movie format to DVD format. As a result, five acts were erased and cannot be restored. I apologize sincerely for this problem.

All acts have been posted to our school blog for your viewing. These videos can be found on a separate page above: GOT TALENT 2009

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Got Talent?

Got Talent?  If so, consider trying out for the…GEORGETOWN TALENT SHOW!!

Can you juggle?
Play an instrument?
Perform magic tricks?
Do trick jump roping?
Play a song on the recorder?

Then Georgetown wants to see YOU!
We will soon be hosting our 3rd annual Georgetown Talent Show! This year, our show will be on Thursday, May 14 in both the morning and afternoon (specific times will be posted later).

If your child is interested in being a performer or an MC for the talent show, they will need to be aware of the following rules:

1) Performers must be in grades 3rd – 5th.
2) Acts must be 2 minutes or less in length.
3) There will only be 8 spots for “solo” performers, all other performers must be in groups of at least 2.
4) All acts must be appropriate. Acts with suggestive or questionable lyrics, movements or costumes will not be allowed to perform.

There will also be (2) student MC’s for each show chosen. If your child would be interested in MCing, they need to also fill out a Talent Show sign up sheet and prepare one short joke for their audition.

Official Talent Show sign up sheets will be available outside of the music room on Tuesday, April 28. These need to be returned to Mrs. Bretz (an envelope will be outside the music room door to return them) by FRIDAY, MAY 1. Auditions will begin next week and exact audition times will be posted on Monday morning. Acts must be prepared and “performance” ready for the audition. So get practicing!!

Parents: If you would be interested in helping with the talent show, there are many behind the scenes jobs that require volunteers. Please contact the Talent Show Committee (Mrs. Bretz, Mrs. Brouwer, or Mrs. Bouwens) if you would be willing to help. Thanks!