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Week 26: In like a lion or a lamb?

lambLike many of you, I grew up with this March prediction:  If March comes in like a lion, it will go out like a lamb … or in like a lion and out like a lamb.  My hope is that it comes in like a lamb and goes out like a lamb!

Speaking of weather, last week was AMAZING!  We savored every bit of the sunshine and warm temperatures. Our week ended with the Parent Club sponsored Father/Daughter Dance on Saturday. It was an all-star HOLLYWOOD EVENT that gave star treatment to the attendees!

The chair of this event, Penny Johnson, organized and executed an event that was beautiful, fun and memorable.  Many thanks to our Parent Club for prioritizing events like this and for the parents who step up to volunteer to make these events possible.  Your time and commitment makes our school community stronger.

A snapshot of the week ahead is below.  Enjoy the remainder of your weekend!

Mrs. Reagan



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March…in like a lion or a lamb?

lambLike many of you, I grew up with this March prediction:  If March comes in like a lion, it will go out like a lamb.  If it comes in like a lamb, it will go out like a lion.

This is one of the many weather folklore sayings that have been used through time to predict the weather.

Since this saying hasn’t been reliable,  I am going to make my own hopeful prediction:  In like a lamb and out like a lamb!

The week ahead will be very busy for teachers.  Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday evenings will be spent meeting with parents about student progress.  You can access the PT conference schedule via the school master and on your classroom blogs.

We look forward to meeting with all of you.  To help keep the conferences on schedule, I will announce the end time every 15 minutes.

The weekly events are below.

Mrs. Reagan


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The Week Ahead-March 8, 2010

The second week in March brings PK/K Round Up, field trips for select classrooms and more mild weather!   The mild weather means many things to a school staff, including but not limited to the following:

  • Joy
  • Decrease in winter viruses
  • Increase in lost and found items

Our lost and found is overflowing with LOST items, and the onset of mild weather will mean that it will grow as students wear their jackets/sweatshirts outside for recess…and then peel them off while playing.   We will be donating left over winter items to a local agency the first week of April.  Please make sure you have your child check for any missing items before spring break arrives.

Finally, our annual talent show will be held on the Thursday before spring break!  If you have a 3rd-5th grader who is interested in participating, check out the GOT TALENT post.

Here’s a snap shot of the week ahead!


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It’s Maple Syrup Time!

While walking Cooper along Lake Michigan today, I stumbled upon a grove of maple trees that are being tapped for their sap.  Luckily, I had my camera along so I snapped some photos to post on my 365 project and share with all of you on the blog.

M is for Maple Syrup

The rise in temperatures this past week has caused the maple sap to run–and this typically lasts for a few weeks.  The best time to catch the sap is before the maple tree buds–causing the sap to become more bitter.  Blandord Nature Center kicked off it’s Sugarbush Trail Tours this weekend which take place through March 27, their annual Sugarbush Festival.  If you would like to learn more about the sugar bush and how maple syrup is made, visit the Michigan Maple Syrup Association.

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Spring-ish Book Fair, March 15-19

Technically March does not fall in the spring, but it is close enough that I can wish my way toward it!  We wanted you to get the date for our book fair on on your calendar and keep this in mind:

There will be a SPECIAL drawing on MARCH 4 for vouchers to use during the

Georgetown Elementary PTC Book Fair. The book fair will be held March 15-19.

There will also be a wonderful variety of books being raffled.

Continue to encourage your child to make their goal for this special drawing!