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As you know, every spring we take our 5th graders to Camp Pinewood for a three day, 2 night camping trip.  Camp Pinewood is a YMCA camp located in Twin Lakes, Michigan (near Muskegon).  This camp has phenomenal staff.  They truly have made a difference in the lives of many of our students over the past several years.

Nearly 5,000 children each year come to experience new things and have fun at Camp Pinewood. They deserve to have a field that allows them to experience the power of sports and team play
This field is important to the community because:  Children of so many different socio-economic backgrounds come here to learn new things and to meet new people. It links many communities together.

This field is in poor condition because: The camp was forced to cut expenses this year and not complete a field renovation that began last year.

Every year the Kellogg company offers the opportunity to fix up athletic fields at 30 locations throughout the country.  Camp Pinewood is one out of thousands of applicants that have the opportunity to have their athletic fields redone–and they need our help to win.

Simply go to the Kellogg’s website and vote for the camp.  Search for the camp by typing in Camp Pinewood.  When it comes up, click on the camp photo and then VOTE!


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We are selling field day t-shirts for 4th and 5th grade field day again this year. Students do not have to purchase on, but we are asking them to wear the correct color of t-shirt for field day. This helps with organizing all the students. So 4th grade girls must wear RED, 4th grade boys must wear WHITE, 5th grade girls must wear PINK, and 5th grade boys must wear ORANGE. All students came home with an order form last week, if you would like to order one and need a new form click on the link and you can print another one. All orders are due MAY 19!   Mrs. VanKoevering and Mrs. Nienhuis


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Spring Has Sprung!

Spring has sprung and there have been lots of questions about things with wheels and what is allowed on the playground, etc.  Please support us with the following procedures regarding “things with wheels!”

Students are allowed (with parent permission) to bike, skateboard or ripstick it to school.  Bikes are parked at the rack and students walk to playgrounds.  Skateboards and ripsticks can be used UP TO the playground entrance and then MUST BE CARRIED onto the playground —as well as all sidewalks on the play ground/bus loop area.  NO USE (including TRICKS) with these at school will be allowed….even while waiting for the bus.

Ripsticks/skateboards are stored inside lockers.   Thank you for your support!  Safety is our focus.

Let me know if you have questions!  Mrs. Reagan

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