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Our 3rd Week Ahead: September 17-21

Our days at school are flying by…and with each passing week, we are getting into a rhythm of the day that helps our time together to feel safe, predictable and comfortable.

Hallway Expectations

The photo above shows a 2nd grade chart for hallway expectations.  Each grade has one to help us focus on hallway expectations — and these have made a great difference in our hallway climate.  If you are in the building and see a class that is walking and/or moving about in a respectful, quiet way, please make sure to let them know and their teacher that you noticed!  Also, if a group of students becomes noisy near their lockers while you are volunteering, please remind them that they need to do this quietly so you can work with learners.   We know that our students are children who will bounce lively out of the classroom door and occasionally forget the hallway expectations.  They are, after all, children who are working hard at learning.  We also expect all children to respond respectfully to adult reminders to quiet down if needed.

Below is a snapshot of our highlights for the week ahead.  Included next week, is another PIZZA NIGHT.  This one is for Marco’s.

We would love to have you order Pizza on this night and pick it up at Marco’s.  Be sure to tell them your child’s class name (teacher name) so that this class gets credit for the order.  The class that orders the most pizza earns a free pizza party lunch.  A portion of all profits of pizza’s purchase go toward our school PTC which funds books for classrooms, family events, and much much much more.

Last week, Miss Taber’s first grade class won the JET’s PIZZA NIGHT.  Congratulations, first graders!

Have a great week!

Mrs. Reagan



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Three Day Week Ahead

This week includes three days of school and two days off for students.  Teachers will be at school on Thursday working on grading assessments and report cards.

Squeezed into this short week in Valentine’s Day (February 14, of course) and a Marco’s Pizza Night on Wednesday, February 15.

Please visit your child’s class blog to find out specifics on Valentine’s Day parties.

Have a great weekend….and stay warm!  Winter has returned once again!

Mrs. Reagan


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Our Week Ahead: 1/23/2012

As we look ahead to the coming week, very little shows on the all school calendar–except for fourth grade swimming.  This is their final week and then their schedule returns to normal.

Please check your child’s classroom blog for more specific updates.

If you have a child who will be entering pre-kindergarten/kindergarten next year, please feel free to download the registration materials, complete these and turn them into the office.  If you have a neighbor who has a child ready for PK/K,  and is not aware of the registration process, please share this information with them.  We can begin to take enrollment information for the 2012-13 PK/K classes!

Enjoy your weekend!

Mrs. Reagan

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The Week Ahead: March 7-10, 2011

The upcoming week will be four days of school for students and five days for teachers.  Friday, March 11 is a Professional Development day that provides teachers with an opportunity to attend classes to learn strategies to improve instruction.

Many thanks to everyone who attend Parent/Teacher Conferences last week.  As a school, we had an attendance rating of 99% and those who could not attend are conferencing with the teachers by phone or via email.  Collectively, as a staff, we feel incredibly fortunate to work with your children each day.  Thank you for all you to do help us to learn how to advance your child intellectually, socially and emotionally each year.

I want to offer up a HUGE THANK YOU to the parents who provided us with a just perfect soup bar for dinner the first night of conferences.  The teachers are with their students all day long and begin conferences 45 minutes after the students depart for the day.  The soup and desserts were a real treat for all of us.  Much of the conversation at dinner revolved around this topic:  WE HAVE THE BEST PTC IN THE WORLD!

The snapshot of the week ahead is below.   Our PTC meeting is this week Thursday at 10am in the Media Center.  (Two of our meetings per year are in the morning….a request that has been made by parents who cannot make evening meetings.)   Please note that our Superintendent, Mr. Nick Ceglarek, will be the keynote speaker.  He will be sharing information about the upcoming bond vote (May 3) and the district’s long term strategic plan.  PLEASE COME IF YOU CAN!

Have a great week.

Mrs. Reagan

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A Heart Filled Week: Feb 14-17

We begin the week with Valentine’s Day and end with Winter Break!  Squeezed in between we have Marco’s Pizza Night and Donut Delivery Day. Could the week get any better than this?

Here is a snapshot of the events for the week ahead.

Remember:  No School on Friday (Teacher Record’s Day) and Monday (Winter Break Day for teachers and students).

Mrs. Reagan


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A very short week ahead…Nov 22 & 23

glass globe with pilgim at thanksgiving harvest animated gifWe will be in school for just two days this coming week due to the Thanksgiving Holiday.    I had hoped to have a scavenger hunt before the holiday, but this one snuck up on me!

Some of the fun links I had plan to share when I kicked off the scavenger hunt are still worthy of posting for your reading (and voting) pleasure.

If you are interested in finding out more about Thanksgiving, the History Channel website is full of resources.   Of course, there is the History of Thanksgiving but also check out the Mayflower Reconstructed.

Visit the  TURKEY FACTS site to brush up on your turkey knowledge.  My favorite fact:  Wild turkey’s sleep in trees at night.

And, speaking of turkeys, take the poll below to let us know if you eat turkey for Thanksgiving dinner or not.    I know one family that eats a traditional dinner of roasted duck and another of homemade pasta and sauce.  This poll doesn’t permit everyone to tell what they eat..but gives us an idea of who eats turkey ….or something else!

Have a wonderful holiday with family and friends…be well!

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Week 2 Begins!

Our first week of school was incredible thanks to great work by parents, teachers, paraprofessions, custodians, lunch staff and of course, OUR STUDENTS!

We are looking forward to another great week.  If you have any concerns about your child’s day (classroom, playground, lunchroom) please make the teacher aware through a phone call, note or email.

I have posted a snapshot of the highlights for this week from our school calendar.  This includes all school events—and does not include all the smaller classroom events/activities specific to each teacher.  You can stay on top of these by visiting the classroom blogs.

Also, remember that all posts on all blogs are tagged with key words to make it easier for you to search for information.  Use the search bar in each blog to utilize this.

Have a wonderful week!  Mrs. Reagan

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The Week Ahead, 9•7•2010

be niceOur first week of school for the 2010-11 school year begins on Tuesday, September 7. We are excited to welcome everyone back to Georgetown…and very excited to welcome new faces!  In addition to our new pre-k students (20) and our new kindergarten students (80), we also have new students joining us in grades 1-5 (20).

A few reminders to parents about routines …and patience!

Our crossing guard is stationed at the driveway from 8:25-8:50. If your child rides or walks to school, please make sure that they do not leave to early.  We want them to cross the busy driveway entrance with the crossing guard present.  Our crossing guard is Mrs. VandenHoek.  She is outstanding at this job!

School begins at 8:50.  The first bell rings at 8:45, and this is the bell which signals the children to line up.

Breakfast is being served from 8:30 to 9:00 am. If your child is eating breakfast, remind them to go to the 2/3 entrance and ask the recess supervisor to open the door for them.  The children simply line up by the 2/3 door as soon as they get off the bus.  Car riders may enter through the front door and go directly to the MPR. Students will be allowed entrance to the MPR at 8:30 am—no earlier.  Mrs. Stacey, our breakfast supervisor, must have time for set up.

Bus Delays the first week: Be patient while the bus drivers learn all the new stops and also carefully negotiate the streets as drivers are getting used to stopping and slowing for busses.  The bus will likely be late picking your child up and dropping your child off.  As the drivers become used to the runs and as students become more comfortable with their bus stops, the runs will become more efficient and timely.  REMEMBER…our bus drivers put safety first at all times…and we appreciate this tremendously.

CHANGES IN GOING HOME PROCEDURES: Each school day, we are helping 590 children exit the building to the correct bus or to parents who are waiting for pick up in the front lobby or to Eagle’s Nest after school care.  In addition, we have students who bike or walk to school.  We take great care in making sure that each child is taken care of each day.  PLEASE send a note to your teacher if you change the going home routine in anyway at all. If we do not have a note, we will follow the planned routine.


Why do we have this time limit?  The office is extremely busy between 3 pm and 3:40 pm.  There are times in which we cannot answer the phones due to traffic in the office as well as multiple calls coming in to the office.  Also, students are on the playground for recess and it is difficult to reach teachers to make them aware of changes in “going home” the last 40 minutes of the day.

Thank you for you help…and please be patient as we take extra time to safely get your children from school to home.

Here’s to a great week ahead!

Mrs. Reagan

Week ahead 972010

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Where did the year go?

I know that I sound melancholy when I say this, but how did this year slip by so quickly?  I can’t believe that I am posting our  Week 38 weekly update–when Week 1 seems not that long ago!

This has been an amazing year…one worth celebrating for so many reasons.  We have MEAP scores to be so very proud of (great work students and teachers), a school grade given by the state that is top notch (can’t share what this is yet—but it is great), two students who received awards for their art work at the 40th International World School Art Exhibition in China, one student art piece selected as the state holiday greeting card, many school/family events sponsored by our Parent Club, the best ever JUST WRITE Celebration, a once in a lifetime meeting with our pen pals from Raey Guang School from Pingtung, Taiwan, and so much more.  A review of our blog will quickly remind you of all that we have to be proud of as a school that learns and grows together daily.

Thank you, parents,  for all you have done to support your child’s learning (social, emotional and academic) at Georgetown this year.  We, as a school, would not be who we are without your support through parent club, classroom volunteerism and the critical day to day support of your child’s learning from home and at school.  You and your children have made this year one of our best!

I will update the blog weekly throughout the summer with news about the upcoming school year (2010-11).  Also, remember that our library will be open each Wednesday from 10-12 noon.  This will be a wonderful opportunity for your child to check out books for summer reading.

Have a safe and wonderful summer!  Mrs. Reagan

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Counting Down our Final Days: 14

As we enter week 38 of school, we are feeling the days fly by.  This is a very big week for us–a week that celebrates all of the hard work we have put forth in reading and writing school wide. When you enter the building, you will see our stories on the walls, doorways, lockers, windows and display cases.   Huge thanks to the team of six parents who posted almost 200 posters for us Friday afternoon.   I want to also thank Scott Cheyne and his team at Engineering Supply for providing us with unbelievably great service and pricing for the posters.

DSC05922 DSC05924

All times and days for grade level celebrations are listed on the calendar below.  Please remember that you can download a copy of your child’s class book of writing on  The books are also available for purchase — and these are delivered right to your home.

british flagThis week we also welcome six Hope Liverpool University student teachers to our building.  Watch the blog for updates throughout the week.

And, remember to stay up to date on all upcoming events by following your child’s classroom blog.  These days will go by so quickly…and we want to make sure you are informed of all the events ahead.

Have a great week!   Stay cool…and enjoy the taste of summer weather that is ahead for us.

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