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Reading Counts…Spring

From Angie Roon, Reading Counts Chair:

The end of this marking period is May 6.  And, as you know our Georgetown students are working hard to make their reading counts goal to be eligible to attend the last Reading Counts celebration for this school year.  Over 80 students have already made their goal and that is even before Spring Break!  Way to go!!  For those students who are still working toward your goal, there is no need to worry because there is still time to read more books and take more quizzes.  Stay tuned…a VERY FUN Reading Counts party is coming on Friday, May 15.

Keep reading Georgetown students!!

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April Fools Day

April 1st  is a day in which I always hold my breath and hope that someone close to me isn’t going to seek some revenge on me for some past joke I played on them!  April Fools is the most lighthearted day of the year and celebrated in many countries.  In the UK, practical jokes must be played before noon.  Anyone who plays a joke after noon is called an Aprils’ Fool.   I wish you luck today!

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A family blog?

Have you ever thought about creating a family blog?  A blog that allows each family member to make observations about family trips, experiences and life in general?  If you have, I would like to recommend that you check out LEARNING SIGNS.  This blog was created by Wesley Fryer, the author of Moving at the Speed of Creativity.  The focus of the blog is learning–learning as a family.  This blog is an excellent example of how web 2.0 tools are changing the way that we learn from one another at home and at school.

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Weekly Events, 3/30/09

As we head into the week before spring break, please note that there is NO SCHOOL on Friday.  Spring break for all Hudsonville Schools begins on Friday, April 3.  We will resume school on Monday, April 13.

One of our goals this week is to get as many LOST items in our LOST & FOUND back to their rightful owners.  The bins are filled with snowpants, jackets and sweatshirts.  Mr. Rob will be spreading the lost and found out on tables in the hallway, and teachers will be encouraging students to search for items.

I hope you have a great week…and a very restful spring break!  Mrs. Reagan

Mon 3/30 Day 1:  Happy Monday!

Tues 3/31 Day 2:  Music Therapy:  ECSE, CI in MPR 1:30-3:00 pm; Visitors from Northview Public (10:30-12:00 pm—inquiring about interventions)

Wed  4/1: Day 3.. LOCKER CLEAN OUT

Thur 4/2  Day 1:  Happy Thursday!  Remember, no school on Friday!

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Just Write is Coming!

We Have Something to Say...

We are counting down to our HUGE celebration of writing called, “We have something to say…JUST WRITE!” The event takes place during the week of May 4, with different events scheduled each day. Teachers are busy preparing student stories for publication on lockers, hallways, doors, posters, and BOOKS. We are publishing a book for each class, and these will be available through For each book purchased, we will receive $4.00 to put toward our writing program (supplies, author visits, and software).

If you would like your child to wear a JUST WRITE shirt on their grade celebration day, send this order form in before spring break begins.  TSHIRT ORDER

Please be sure to visit our lulu STOREFRONT to check out our publications. As of today, the following classrooms have published books available for purchase: Mrs. Becky, Mrs. Nederveld, Mrs. Bohl and Mrs. Flory.

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Happy Friday Georgetown Parents!



Kindergarten round-up and screening went very well last week.  We are still going through all the registrations here in the office and we will keep you posted on everything as far as details go as soon as they become available.

Just an FYI for our parents who receive school updates via email and through the  school blog,  Comcast may be blocking this from your account.  It was brought to our attention that a few parents were not receiving the updates and they happen to subscribe through Comcast.  IF this is the case please contact your Comcast provider.

A favor to ask….when sending in lunch money for your students, if you could put the money/check in an envelope with the student’s FIRST and LAST NAME, AND THE TEACHER’S NAME this would be a huge help!  Thank you!

Please do not forget to view our calendar on the right hand side of the blog.  This will have our calendar of dates for important events through the rest of the year.

WOW!!!  The basket raffle was another huge success this year for Georgetown!  The total amount raised was $1625.00.  Thank you all for such GREAT participation!!!

PTC Board Nominations are now being accepted for the 2009/2010 school year.  If you would like to nominate someone or have questions you may contact Carrie Clark-Berry at

A very important date to put on your calendar…..The Spring Carnival will be held on Saturday, May 16 from 1p-4p.  Wristbands will be $10 and this will allow you to participate in all of the games and includes popcorn, snowcones, and cotton candy!!!  SWEET!!  : )

Please check the PTC blog for the latest news and PTC minutes!

Spring Break Open Swim:  The Hudsonville pool will be open for swimming everyday (except Sundays) from 2‑4PM.  Cost is $1.50 or $5.00 for the immediate family.
Friday, April 3 2‑4PM
Saturday, April 4 2‑4PM
Monday, April 6 2‑4PM
Tuesday, April 7 2‑4PM
Wednesday, April 8 2‑4PM
Thursday, April 9 2‑4PM
Friday, April 10 2‑4PM
Saturday, April 11 2‑4PM

Earlier this week the latest two Community Ed flyers were emailed/sent home.  One was for the Girl’s Softball Clinic and the other was for Street Jamz Dance Clinic.  Both flyers will be attached to the blog update, and there are paper copies outside the Multi-Purpose  Room at Georgetown.
For more information regarding these classes contact Community Ed at 669-7747, ext 3 or



Have a great weekend and ONLY 4 more school days until SPRING BREAK!!!  YEAH!!!  : )
Mrs. Nurenberg

13 Jet’s Pizza Night
14 5th Gr  Instrument Fittings
15 4th Gr Field Trip to Westshore Symphony
16 PTC Mtg. @ 7p
17 M/W Kindergarten
20 Play to Learn
21 Marco’s Pizza Night
22 5th Grade Parent Instrumental Mtg @BMS
23 5th Grade Parent Instrumental Mtg @ RSMS
24 T/TH Kindergarten
24 ECSE Field Trip to Meijer Gardens
27-May 1 Elementary Art Show @ Park Elementary Community Room
29 Georgetown Reception @ the Art Show
29 Marco’s Night
30 Young Author’s trip to Calvin College

1 M/W Kindergarten
1 Talent Show

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A Tribute to Mrs. DeWeerd

This past Tuesday evening, Georgetown (parents, students and staff) honored our superintendent, Roxanne DeWeerd.  She is currently the Michigan Superintendent of the Year–a title she well deserves.  In addition, she is retiring in June.  To celebrate her leadership, we created this video.  Enjoy!

Tribute to Superintendent DeWeerd from Theresa Reagan on Vimeo.

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