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July 17: Open Library

Summer LIbrary is FUN!

Our library will be open on Tuesday, July 17 from 10 am to 12 pm.  Please come to check out books and to say hello to these cool people:

Mrs. Iwema and her adorable son, Jacob.  Mrs. Iwema teaches kindergartnen.

Mrs. Bast, our incredible reading teacher.

Mrs. Flory, one of our third grade teachers.

Mr. Rob….the best custodian in the ENTIRE WORLD!

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Guess Who Lost a Tooth?

Milo’s Tooth: 7/10/2012


If you were at open library on Tuesday, you might have seen Milo and his missing tooth.  I brought the tooth in to show everyone.

Isaac, a kindergartener in Mrs. Iwema’s room, told Milo that he had a missing tooth too…and even showed Milo.

Isaac showed Milo his missing tooth…and the one that is loose, too!

I was asked if I was going to put his tooth under a pillow and you know what I said, “OF COURSE!”

What do you think he will get from the Dog Tooth Fairy?  Place your vote here and tomorrow I will let you know what Milo found under his pillow.

Also, I added the photos from today’s library time to the slideshow at the right.  Check them out!  Hope to see you next week Tuesday!

Mrs. Reagan