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Limo Winners are HAPPY!

for our TREK for TECH walkathon winners!  Together we raised a record amount of money for our WALKATHON.  The total:

$14, 283.64

Our winners are: 
Top 5 earners for pool party:
  • Sheyla Plummer (Huizenga)
  • Eva Burlison (Quigley)
  • Annelise Ham (Van Arkel)
  • Eva Ham (Van Arkel)
  • Alivia Peterson (VanKoevering)
Top earners from each grade for pizza party with Mrs. Reagan:
  • K grade:  Seth Miller  (Iwema)
  • 1st grade:  Isabelle Swiercz  (Taber)
  • 2nd grade: Patrick Jones  (Greenlund)
  • 3rd grade:  Ethan Impens  (Vanderstel)
  • 4th grade: Sophia Vanderkolk  (Kooiker)
  • 5th grade:  Leah Vandenberg (Gort)
Top classroom for Limo ride
  • Mrs. Quigley’s Second Grade Class
Laser Tag Family Fun Package Winner
  • Emma Everts in Mr. Kooiker’s 4th grade class

HUGE THANKS to all of you for your donations and support.  

Mrs. Reagan



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IPAD Training for Parents

We know the iPad is a “cool” device with many awesome features and capabilities, however, most owners take it out of the box, turn it on, and start downloading apps, unaware of the features that really make the iPad an effective learning device to support educators and learners.   Our local intermediate school district, OAISD, is hosting a training to help you understand this powerful tech tool.

If you have an IPAD, please bring this to  the session –we will not have any to loan during the training.
This session will teach you all about your device:
• iPad Background
• The Basics (Spotlight, Keyboard, Multitasking, Folders/Categories)
• Understanding and changing the settings to meet your needs
• Accessibility features
• VoiceOver/Speak Selection
• Standard apps that come already loaded

Additionally, this session will include 
• Effective methods and resources for locating apps for your specific role
• Effective methods and resources for locating apps for student needs
• Effective methods and resources for locating apps for meeting educational goals
• Hands on exploration of common apps for productivity and education
• Collaboration with others in the session for sharing ideas and strategies for use and implementation
• Setting up an iTunes account


February 21, 2012
4:30 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.
Cost: $15.00 (dinner included)

If you have questions, please contact Anne Thorp at