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Hello Stanstead Primary School!

Miss Robertson’s Year 4 Class

Miss VanArkel’s class skyped with a third grade class (Year 4) in Nottingham, England.

Miss Robertson, the classroom teacher at Stanstead Primary, has visited Georgetown on two occasions in the past.  She was very excited to introduce her group of 18 students to our class of 25 students.

The students had the following questions for us:

  1. Why do we call rugby football?
  2. Why do we call football soccer?
  3. Why don’t we wear uniforms?
  4. What are our ages?
  5. What are our names?
  6. How many children are in our building?
  7. How many teachers are in our building?
  8. How do we get to school?
  9. What are our favorite colors?

We looked up Stanstead Primary on Google Earth and got as close as we could to taking a peak.  Because the Google Mapping Car has not driven down the street, we aren’t able to get close up…but we are able to get close enough.

As we wrapped up our skype session, the children at Stanstead were preparing to go home for the day — they are six hours ahead of us!

Look for more news from the children in YEAR 4 on Miss VanArkel’s blog during the upcoming school year.

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Week 11: November 12-16, 2012

The staff and I want to thank you for attending conferences last week.   We value your support and guidance as we work together for the benefit of your children.

This is the final week for our MINDFUL GIVING PROJECTS.  Donations of non-perishable food items for the WATER of LIFE Pantry and our GLOBAL solar light project.

The photos below are of Miss VanArkel’s class using the Solar Lights during their learning time.  By using the lights, we develop some appreciation for how important these lights are to the teachers and students at Nyaka Primary School in Uganda.  Each class will use the lights in their classroom sometime this week.  #spreadalittlelight

Highlights of our week are posted below.  Have a great week ahead!

Mrs. Reagan


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A teacher who bikes!

Did you know that Miss VanArkel loves to hike trails, eat ice cream and go for bike rides?  She is one of our third grade teachers at Georgetown.  This summer she accomplished a long distance biking goal.  Visit Miss VanArkel’s blog to find out how far she biked.

I would love to post photos of you engaged in your favorite summer activity.  Simply send your photo to me with a short description and I will put this on the school blog.  My email:

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Holiday Program Performance: Grade 3

Featured below is an uploaded version  of our third grade classes performing during our fourth annual Holiday Program on December 17, 2009. It is not the same high quality of the DVD which many of your have ordered, but it is still a nice way to share the incredible work done by our students and our music teachers, Mrs. Bretz and Mrs. Whitenight.  The 3rd grade classrooms featured: Mr. Bowen, Mrs. Flory, Mrs. McDonald, Miss VanArkel. I hope you enjoy this video!