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Family Fun with the Holland Ice Sculptors

The Jackson Family spent part of their Saturday checking out the ice sculpting competition in downtown Holland.   The sent some photos showing off their bright smiles and the cool sculptures the found along 8th Street.

In this first photo, Eion (a 3rd grader in Mrs. McDonald’s class) and Samaria (a 1st grader in Miss Chrisman’s class) are standing by a plate, spoon and fork outside 8th Street Grille.

Eion and Samaria and the Icy Plate Setting

My favorite photo shows Eion, Samaria and Thalia (kindergartner next year) sitting in a most icy chair with little brother Lucah nestled warmly in his car seat!

Eion, Samaria, Thalia and Lucah sitting in the COOLEST chair ever!


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Teacher Spots Black Bear

Mrs. McDonald spent a week in Gaitlinburg, Tennessee where she hiked in the mountains, rode horses, explored caves, and white water rafted.

She and her family hike up ssome very difficult trails and then jumped in the waterfalls!  Mrs. McDonald was able to see many land and rock formations, as well as plant and animal adaptations—and as only a teacher would do, spent her time thinking how to incorporate all she was learning into her third grade science units.

The best part of all:  While sitting quietly in the woods,  Mrs. McDonald saw a black bear.

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Have you ever gone for a Polar Bear swim?

The Lamer’s children know how to make the summer extra special.  Emma has figured out how to stay cool while camping.  She went “polar bear” swimming at 7 am.   Isabelle has been camping and playing with Miley, an absolutely adorable dog.  And Brodie, he has loved playing on the beach and hanging out in the shallow water.

Next year, Brodie will be in Mrs. Murphy’s classroom, Isabelle in Mrs. McDonald’s room and Emma in Mrs. Burdis’ class. If you want to check out what other students have been doing this summer, click on the links be low:

The Norton Family


Annalise and Ava

Mrs. Reagan

Miss VanArkel

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Holiday Program Performance: Grade 3

Featured below is an uploaded version  of our third grade classes performing during our fourth annual Holiday Program on December 17, 2009. It is not the same high quality of the DVD which many of your have ordered, but it is still a nice way to share the incredible work done by our students and our music teachers, Mrs. Bretz and Mrs. Whitenight.  The 3rd grade classrooms featured: Mr. Bowen, Mrs. Flory, Mrs. McDonald, Miss VanArkel. I hope you enjoy this video!