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We’re Off!

open house

Thank you to everyone who attended our open houses (PK, K and 1-5) last week.  During the open houses we took many photos of family members, friends and students and teachers.  My favorite collection of photos this year (above) captures brothers and sisters together.

As we open the year, I want to remind you to stay in touch with the blogs (your child’s class blog and this blog) for details about events throughout the year.  As the year unfolds, the blogs will highlight Parent Club Events, inform you about upcoming Parent/Teacher meetings and serve the main tool for learning about the climate and culture of Georgetown.  At the beginning of each week, I will provide a snapshot of the week ahead.

Some helpful hints for this week:

If you have a child entering PK, K or 1  AND you have a child in grade 2,3,4 or 5 encourage the older child to walk the younger child to the Pk/K/1 playground on the first few days of school.  There will be many staff members out in the bus loop and on the playgrounds directing children as they get off the bus.  Our very best assistants are older siblings who walk their younger’s to their playground and then walk to their playgrounds.

If your child walks/bike rides to school:

  • Mrs. Fabbro is our crossing guard and she is present in front of the driveway beginning at 8:30 and 3:40.  She crosses the children across the driveway each day.  If you are driving to school, please enter the drive slowly.

If you are a parent who drops off/picks up your children, please follow these rules:

  • Morning drop off:  8:30 am has playground coverage; 8:45 the first bell rings; 8:50 the second bell rings:  Drop off in the front — DO NOT USE THE BUS LOOP.  No cars are allowed in the bus loop.  When you drop your child off, s/he walks to their playground:  PK/K/1 (fenced in the front of the building); 2/3 – rear of the building (walk toward the PK/K/1 playground and then along the bus loop sidewalk); 4/5 playground- rear of the building along the Baldwin side (walk on the sidewalk across the front of the building and then around the back).
  • Afternoon pick up:  Please be parked in the front lot by 3:40 at the latest.  You may wait in the front lobby.  Your children will be walked to the lobby to meet you.  All PK/K/1 children need to be matched to their parent.  If you have older children (grades 2-5), they may wait for you in the front outside area — however, they may NOT walk through the parking lot on their own.  When you park, be prepared to walk up to the school to pick up your child.  This is for SAFETY.
  • For all parents:  Do not enter the bus loop area to pick up your children.  Go to the office for pick up.  If you do not see your child, ask the secretaries for assistance.  The secretaries will 2-way the staff who will look for your child in the bus loop area or in the building.  Again DO NOT GO TO THE BUS LOOP.  We are responsible for getting all children on the bus safely and when parents enter the bus loop and take their children, it is disruptive and creates safety concerns.

Also, the front bus loop is closed  to cars in the afternoon.  For afternoon pick-up, do not use the front loop in the afternoon.  It is absolutely critical that you be on time for pick up.  We do not have supervision for children left behind due to late pick up. 

At Georgetown, we are beginning our 8th year as a school community.  We are excited to get the year started with your children!  Thank you for your help with drop off/pick up.  These are busy times for us — and we want all 600+ children to safely make it their playgrounds, classrooms, busses and cars.

Mrs. Reagan 


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We are ready…

for you to come back to school!  Mr. Rob has painted playground stripes and even repainted the arrows on the driveway.  The teachers have cleaned the tables and prepared new lessons for learning.

If you came to open house on Tuesday (PK/K) and Wednesday (Gr 1-5), you could see how brilliantly we smiled when we saw you walk through the doors!

Have a wonderful Labor Day weekend…rest up…and head back to school on Tuesday, September 7 (T/TH K and grades 1-5) and September 8 (MW PK/K). If you are curious to find out what we do in the summer while you are away, watch this short video! Mrs. Reagan

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Welcome Back…Chalk Style!

The staff of Georgetown spent the past week immersed in curriculum meetings. These meetings help us to improve our teaching instruction and provide time to share best practice strategies with teachers from around the district.

We heartwere also busy welcoming you back with chalk drawings and fun photos from around the school.

These have been mixed into a special slide show to welcome you back to the 2009-10 school year. It will be the best yet because we are BETTER when we are TOGETHER!

And…a special note of thanks to Mr. Rob, our head custodian, and his TOP NOTCH OUT OF THIS WORLD custodial staff.  They have spent the entire summer cleaning, painting, and polishing every single inch of our building…and it looks fabulous.  If you see Mr. Rob, Lani, Ashley or Whitney in the hallway or on the grounds, please give them a shout out of thanks for their hard work.   They truly make our building shine!