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Chinese for Lunch, Anyone?

One of the items that I offered at the silent auction was LUNCH WITH THE PRINCIPAL.  The winner of this exciting opportunity was CJ Coxen, a fourth grader in Mr. Gort’s room.  When I asked CJ where he wanted to go out for Chinese—which is a proposal I have never had for lunch.  Chinese

Today we headed out to Great Lakes Chinese Restaurant for lunch.  Once we were seated in our booth, we ordered our drinks and made our first trip to the buffet.  CJ pointed out the best dishes, we made our selections and then settled in for lunch.  The food was great and the conversation even better.  CJ told me about his awesome spring break in Cleveland where he saw the Caveliers play.  I learned about his favorite players–and why basketball is his preferred sport.

On the way back to school, he gave me a tour of his neighborhood and showed me where all the other cool CJkids from Georgetown live.  (Now that I know where everyone lives, I can drive by and drop off extra homework!)

Thanks Mr. and Mrs. Coxen for supporting the silent auction and providing me with this great opportunity to hang out with CJ.   We had a great time…and a great lunch!

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