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Chinese for Lunch, Anyone?

One of the items that I offered at the silent auction was LUNCH WITH THE PRINCIPAL.  The winner of this exciting opportunity was CJ Coxen, a fourth grader in Mr. Gort’s room.  When I asked CJ where he wanted to go out for Chinese—which is a proposal I have never had for lunch.  Chinese

Today we headed out to Great Lakes Chinese Restaurant for lunch.  Once we were seated in our booth, we ordered our drinks and made our first trip to the buffet.  CJ pointed out the best dishes, we made our selections and then settled in for lunch.  The food was great and the conversation even better.  CJ told me about his awesome spring break in Cleveland where he saw the Caveliers play.  I learned about his favorite players–and why basketball is his preferred sport.

On the way back to school, he gave me a tour of his neighborhood and showed me where all the other cool CJkids from Georgetown live.  (Now that I know where everyone lives, I can drive by and drop off extra homework!)

Thanks Mr. and Mrs. Coxen for supporting the silent auction and providing me with this great opportunity to hang out with CJ.   We had a great time…and a great lunch!

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With snow just around the corner, the food service program
would like to remind parents and students about what will
happen if school is closed due to weather. If the district is
closed, the menu that was supposed to be served on the snow
day will be moved to the next school day. An example: if
school is canceled on Tuesday due to weather, Tuesday’s
menu will be served on Wednesday and the menu that was
scheduled for Wednesday will be completely canceled.
Because of our computer lunch account system, there will be
no need to issue credits and your student will still be able to
order a lunch if they need one. The only exception to this
policy is if school is canceled on Friday. In this case, Friday’s
menu will be completely canceled and we will continue with
the regular menu on Monday. Information on what menu will
be served on the day you return will be available on the food
service web page at Please feel free to
contact the food service department at 457-2400 if you have
any questions or are unsure of what the menu will be. Thank
you! -Stacey L. Wykoski, Food Service Director


Just a friendly reminder from the office……..  PLEASE remember to send a note in the morning to your child’s teacher if you will be picking them up at the end of the day. The office is very busy towards the end of the day and it can be very hard to contact the teachers about end of the day changes due to the students being at specials and the teachers getting ready for the buses.  Thankk you for your consideration in this matter!

Have a great day!

Mrs. Nurenberg  : )

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Happy Friday Afternoon Georgetown Parents!

Just a few things from the office!  We are going to try something new!  Are you excited??  We are going to try updating the blog on Friday afternoon with “FACTS FTO” (FROM THE OFFICE). Hopefully this will cut back on all the cyber mail flying out of here!  Unless there is something time sensitive, I will try and gather things throughout the week and send one blog on Friday afternoon.  Sound Good??  So here we go!


There is a girls grades 3-6th volleyball clinic being offered through Community Ed.  Attached you will find the flyer with all the details.  If you have any questions please call Community Ed at 669-7747, Ext. 3.



Georgetown Little League in‑person registration will occur on January
24 from 9 ‑ 1 at the Jenison High School Media Center .  Online
registrations are open now and will run through at least February 14
with some divisions having late registration with a $10 late fee until
February 28.  Little League is open to girls who are 5 before 12/31/08
and boys who are 5 before 4/30/09.  If you live north of Port Sheldon
and east of 56th Ave , Georgetown Little League is your Little
League.  More information is available at or you
may call Rob at 437‑5054.


The food service department is accepting applications for food service substitutes.  These are on-call positions that offer flexible hours in a variety of positions at a starting rate of over $9.00 per hour.  This is an excellent stepping stone to a permanent position within the food service department.  If you are interested, please stop by the food service department located in Jenison Senior High School at 2140 Bauer Rd or call 457-2400 to have an application mailed to your home.

A reminder that free and reduced price lunch applications can be filled out anytime during the school year.  If your financial situation has changed since the beginning of the school year, help maybe available for your student’s lunches.  You can apply online at or a paper application can be downloaded from the food service webpage at  You can call the food service office at 457-2400 if you have any questions or want an application mailed to your home.

This is it for this Friday!  Hope this works well for everyone!

Have a great weekend!

Mrs. Nurenberg

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Lunch with Nicholas

I had a terrific lunch with Nicholas, one of the Time and Talent Lunch Winners.  We lunched at Mr. Burger and talked about puppies, toys and Star Wars.  I found out that Nicholas has a huge Christmas list with the most unusual request I have ever heard.  He would like a dragon.  I told him that I have never heard of anyone wanting a dragon, and that if he receives this at a gift, I would like to borrow it!  Nicholas does have a cute dog named Weston who I think might be jealous of a dragon!

Nicholas is a bright, animated and personable second grader.  He even missed the first snow recess to have lunch with me.  Thank you, Nicholas!

To see the most updated slide show of the Time and Talent Lunch Winners, click the screen below.


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Lunch with Sydney

Today I had the great fortune of lunching with Sydney, a fourth grade student who loves Mr. Burger’s BLT sandwiches!  We left Georgetown at 11:50 and didn’t return until 1:10–so sorry Mr. Gort about the lost instructional time.  While talking and eating, we discovered that we are both sleep walkers — which is more of an adventure for our families than us!  We shared stories about sleep walking, summer vacations, and the trials of living with middle school sisters.  I learned about her cat Sassy (who seems to be part cat and dog) and the possibility that a puppy is on the horizon.  It was a delightful lunch!  Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Wieringa for making this possible with your donation to the Grace Thatcher Scholarship Fund.

I have created a new slideshow about my lunch dates.  Sydney requested country music.  Enjoy!