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Spring Break Highlights

It’s Wednesday, which means we are half way through our vacation.  This also means we have 50% of our vacation remaining to enjoy.

I would love to share some of your vacation adventures on our blog.  Please send me an email or a blog comment and I will dedicate a post to you.  If you’d like, include a photo.  If you don’t a have photo, draw a picture and take a photo of this.  I will post a drawing of your vacation to the blog.


My vacation was called, STAY HOME.  Some people call this a “stay-cation.”  For me it was just right for resting, reading, working in yard, walking on the beach….and (drum roll) getting a PUPPY!  His name is Milo, a mix of King Charles Spaniel, Bichon and Poodle–a non-shedding dog.  Milo is just 8 weeks old, weighing in at 5 pounds.

My four year old cavachon, Cooper, is adjusting to this new family member. Every once in awhile, I catch him looking toward me with an annoying glance.  Milo loves Cooper.  He has learned to wait until Cooper is sleeping before he cuddles up by his side!

Nap time for Cooper and Milo

I am sure that you will meet Milo one of these days.  Mrs. R and I are going to train him to be a therapy dog.  This will take some time –but it will be worth it.  We hope Milo thinks so too!

Looking forward to hearing about your vacation!

Mrs. Reagan



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